A lovely image of the Yarkon River at sunset by Ron Almog who seems to have a passion for sunsets in Israel. He’s also got a blog where he posts images.

This has been a week of sobering threats directed at Israel by Iran and Hizbullah and news that Israel’s anti-Qassem system may not work. It’s hard to believe that Israel’s current leadership is up for the multiple ongoing challenges it faces. The situation would be complex for anybody, but with the second Lebanon War behind us coloring everything the politicians do and the civilians perceive, I’m not sure any leadership would know how to act. In addition, for some reason, everywhere I turned on the Internet this week, Palestinian propaganda seemed to dominate. Ugh.

On the positive column, it’s been snowing in parts of Israel all week and I hear it’s quite beautiful. A friend who visited the Golan told me it was gorgeous covered in white.

To those of you who will be lucky enough to attend Jewlicious 4.0 which begins this coming Friday, you are some lucky people and maybe I envy you a little…

Oh, and some guy claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant.

Shabbat shalom!!


Going into Ron Almog’s Flickr pages a little bit more, there are quite a few gems. Here’s another by him. It’s called “האפור היום אפור מאוד” which I believe would translate to “The gray today is very gray.” The title seems to be part of a poem by Leah Goldberg which I would love to find in translation. The photo is part of Almog’s Winter in Israel collection.

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