stacks_of_money.jpgInteresting story from Jpost. Muffti remembers the last time he saw a story like this: Larry Flynt offering up to 1000000$ for dirt on Republicans (who were at the time trying to impeach Clinton for doing what their speaker Bob Livingstone was doing!) Apparently Flynt is up to old tricks. Best of Luck Larry! Here’s the Jpost story:

Unidentified Right-wing figures in the US and Israel are willing to pay big money to anyone who comes up with evidence against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that will be cause enough for him to step down as prime minister, Channel 2 revealed Thursday.

The report featured a recording of a conversation between an unnamed businessman and a private investigator hired to garner the information.

The investigator asked the businessman if he had information that could incriminate Olmert.

“In the beginning you may be a bit put off, but think about it, you don’t have to give me an answer now,” the investigator told the businessman. “A number of senior personages on a global level are behind this initiative. The situation today is that Olmert is bad for the Jews. You know no less than me that he’s very bad for the Jews.

And there is a group of people who have taken upon themselves [to oust him from power], very wealthy people – on a global level.”

When the businessman asked who these people were, the investigator answered: “Good Jews, and I have been sent to take care of the matter and try to remove this person [Olmert] from where he is. There is a large jackpot involved.”

“I am more interested in the ideology than the jackpot,” the businessman replied.

“Then you are better than I thought,” the investigator said. “I wanted to interest you in both the jackpot and the ideology. I am trying to find material in all different places; that Olmert received bribes, that he deceived.”

“How much parnasa [livelihood] is involved?” the businessman asked.

“If we did a good job, one million dollars,” the investigator said, and explained what a good job would be: “If we caused someone in the state prosecution or the police or the media to say: ‘With this we’re bringing him down,’ Olmert is going down, he’s going home – that’s good enough.”

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