spitzer2point0.jpgThe Spitzer Prostitution Scandal is interesting from a number of perspectives, one of which is how it went down Web 2.0 style. I’m certain it will serve as a textbook example of how all scandals will roll out in the future. For starters we have the usual stuff: domain squatters who rapidly registered domains like client9.com and all its possible variations. Hustler Magazine, as is its minhag, has offered Ashley Dupre $1 million to pose nude in its pages, and as previously mentioned, conspiracy theories abound!

We also have no less than 52 “Client 9” related designs at CafePress which are available as t-shirts and other tchochkes – a total of 1,330 products and counting. YouTube has at least 5 different “Love Client Number 9” songs as well as innumerable related videos. Dupre, who is also an aspiring singer, has had her song What We Want played more than 3 million times on her MySpace page and her other song Move Ya Body is setting records on music-download site AmieStreet.com with over 300,000 downloads. Sirius Radio on Friday debuted Client 9 Radio – “a channel that will explore the breaking news, facts, fallout, psychology, and implications of the scandal. Implications? There were a few for one Ashley A. Youmans of North Carolina who was inundated with unwanted attention after members of the media got her mixed up with Ashley Youmans (the real name of Ashley Dupre). This Ashley Youmans is a Bible College student and her father Randy is a preacher who had this to say:

This is not the big city of New York. This is rural North Carolina, and it is not a good thing for a girl who is going to a Bible college and is the daughter of a preacher to be associated with prostitution.

The confusion was occasioned by Dupre’s MySpace page which mentioned that she had lived in North Carolina in 1993 (Go Tarheels!).

Gawker for it’s part covered the scandal from every conceivable angle, from publishing every known photo of Dupre, to discussing how Spitzer, who never had a bar mitzvah and married a non-Jewish woman, was a Shanda fur die Goyim. Finally, I have to share this email with you from my anonymous friend – the one who invented the Hebrew version of Booty Call (Zimzun):

From your friend who introduced the noun “Zimzun” to our holy-tongued lexicon, we now get a verb: “Leshpatzer” It means generally “to cheat on your wife,” specifically with a prostitute. We also have a higher order “super-shpritzer” which means accomplishing the same without a condom. Someone caught in the role of Ashley Alexandra Dupree would be known as a “shpritzee” (which could also be pronounced to rhyme with “have a nice day”) and not to be confused with a “shprintza,” who generally isn’t getting any. In either case, the Ashleys will be joining the Monicas and many other sprayed women campaigning for republican candidates in the upcoming elections. The democrats simply left a bad taste in their mouths.

Good golly. The power of Web 2.0 unleashed! And with that, I promise never, ever to mention anything about this again – well unless something major happens.

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  • Hmmm, one need not have a Bar Mitzvah; (off topic: unlike the Christian “Confirmation” as a mandatory rite of initiation) a male instantly turns a bar mitzvah on his thirteenth birthday when he reaches religious adulthood. (Off topic: the fashion of having converts bar / bat mitzvahed after the ages of thirteen / twelve has only taken on over the past two to three decades and is more or less a money-making biz rather than a religious necessity.)

  • Deepening the confusion, he quoted Luke 12:48 in his farewell press conference. Maybe he’ll follow McGreevey into an Episcopal seminary.


    Dear Eliot:

    Since you were “Greenberged”, maybe you have now changed your tune and will join us little people…accordingly, please spill your guts on 911…that’d be really cool.


    P.s. That girl was hot….almost worth it.