I SO don’t have time to write this post but what the hey… Fun times about to begin here at the LB. West Siide in tha house! Played bbball with Adam Mansbach and threatened to do the same with Heeb‘s Josh Neuman. Mattisyahu and Miniyahu and MiniMiniYahu were here, Ruthie Ellenson, Elias, kids from my birthright trip, just mad craziness everywhere. Dinner for 600 people, coming right up!

Oy. Shabbat Shalom!

Addendum: OK so Shabbat was fun… I’ll post details later. We just had Havdallah and soon the big show will happen featuring all these crazy bands. Again… more details later. I just wanted to add these pics.

By the way Muffti – you are missed and I am dick for not calling. Fucking Wolves eh? Crazy story…

Jewlicious' Jewlicious Festival 4.0 photoset Jewlicious’ Jewlicious Festival 4.0 photoset

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