images_1.jpeg Right now, I’m feeling like that girl who never got invited to prom. Not all of us were lucky enough to attend Jewlicious Festival this past weekend. The videos were great (thanks, ck!), but some pictures and details might be nice. So, can anybody enlighten me as to what happened at the biggest Jewish sleepover known to man?

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  • You SO were invited! I personally called you and begged you to come!

    Holy crap. Sounds like my sex life…

  • Jewlicious? Recap? Okay. Sure, but this is only gonna be my story.

    I came to Jewlicious early this year in hopes of volunteering. Working at check-in, it seemed that almost everyone was ecstatic to be at Jewlicious 4.0, and couldn’t wait for things to start happening. The aura at check-in was definitely full of excitement.

    After helping consolidate check-in, I got an opportunity to sit in on a discussion with Josh and Liz from Newvoices. Last year, at Jewlicious 3.0, I had avoided almost every session, panel, and program with exception to the Concert, and I was pretty determined to at least give it a shot this year. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The conversation’s topic started with an Urban version of a Kibbutz in America, but evolved into the topic of what truly made an organization “Jewish.” If only for the learning experience it was great, but eventually I signed up for a copy of Newvoices as soon as I could.

    The rest of the evening was nice. Shabbat Dinner with a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a year. Even one of our mutal friends showed up and we got to talk a bit. It really was great to see ’em both as well as meeting new people.

    After dinner, I headed back up to the board room to listen to another panel discussing if the “Israel at 60” campaign was a positive or negative. Getting their early, I got to speak a bit with Y Love, who I had never met. The man is fascinating and has some really interesting points both in our discussion of Palestinian Propaganda and the topic of the actual discussion. Thankfully, Rabbi Yonah and the rest of the panel were able to clarify for me what I thought I got from just reading words. One day, the world will be able to distinguish between “Dude?” and “Dude!”

    As I was passing out from a relatively long day, I had to make a note to myself: Gym floors are uncomfortable. Bring a mattress next time.

    Saturday Morning I portrayed a Rabbi with an insulting Borat Accent for the Torah Skit. I wound up dropping it mid-play because even I was getting annoyed with it. I did get to mock my own accent though. That’ll teach people for requesting that the part uses an “eastern European accent.”

    Afterwards, I hopped from program to program, really getting into the discussion of “New Media versus Old Media.” It was clear that there was a diverse panel ranging from different styles of Media. Music, Books, and magazines were all represented. Arguably because of this panel I’ve taken more of an interest in Jewish Blogs and other “New Medias.” In fact today I decided to add my first RSS feed to my browser: Jewlicious.

    The afternoon was relatively quiet. Not much going on, but the concert was in-freaking-sane. Y Love and Rav Shmuel were by far my favorite acts, though I did miss Rav Shmuel’s combination of “Hey Jude” and “I Wanna be Sedated” from last year. Sadness.

    Then the convention got really good, at least in my opinion. A bit of a jam session developed in the Cafe. Starting with a guitarist (myself) and a guy on an Alto Sax (I honestly forgot your name, sir. I am shamed), we played through some poppish tunes, including “Wonderwall” and “Time of Your Life.” And then, like a true hippie music festival, things grew. We added a clarinet player, a set of bongos, and two more guitarists and played anything from Dispatch to Religious Tunes in an elaborate jam. I couldn’t tell you the exact times we started, but people started going down around 4AM, with a final death of jam at about 4:30. Again, painful sleep ensues.

    Sunday morning was a great wrapup. Matisyahu and Adam’s version of the former’s songs were phenominal, and to be frank, I really preferred them to the original versions. Maybe it’s just me. The set up of shops on the Promenade were all in all great. A lot of cool things were on the tables. Unfortunately I had to bail early in the hopes of not failing school. I felt it took priorities, unfortunately.

    Needless to say, I’m looking forward to next year’s. Jewlicious 4 was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while, and I can’t sing it’s praises loud enough.

    Really, the jam session on Saturday along with the concert have kind of hurt my voice.

  • ck — thanks for the invitation, but if you don’t buy me a plane ticket, spawnof6 isn’t coming.

    And steve — thanks! your details about the weekend are much appreciated!

  • Steve do good =P

    Next time we’ll all have to pitch in for the flight, eh? Maybe.