Michelle Citrin

Michelle Citrin is no stranger to the denizens of the Jewish Blogosphere. She is known as that adorable, dread headed moppet, folk singer extraordinaire, Israelity Tour opening act, Rosh Hashanah Girl, the little girl with the big voice. Apparently though it seems she’s been holding out on us. Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the internets, allow me to introduce you to Michelle Citrin, Trance Diva!


That’s right. As we speak, somewhere in Europe, some Trance fan is doing ecstasy at a rave (see the video on the right) and dancing to Michelle Citrin’s unmistakable voice and beats provided by Dj Alex M.O.R.P.H. (see the video on the left). The club kids have already weighed in and declared Turn It On featuring Michelle Citrin to be… “Massive!” I like trance as much as anyone, but I still can’t get my mind around the concept of Michelle interposed with Trance. Citrin didn’t just surprise me, bitch ate my brain!

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