The man in question is Max Mosley who runs nothing less than Formula One racing and is based in England. He is the son of a British fascist leader from the 1930s, Sir Oswald Mosley (apparently, fascist views don’t affect titles in England), who was married to Max’s mom in Goebbels’ house with Hitler in attendance.

So perhaps it’s not that surprising to see a *spank* grown man surround himself for sexual pleasure and release with *spank* female prostitutes dressed in Nazi uniforms, playing concentration camp guards, and other female prostitutes *spank* dressed in camp prisoner outfits.

I ask our readers, is there anything sexier than having an attractive woman’s *spank* tender breast caress one’s ear while she pretends to check your head for lice, just as if you were a prisoner in a Nazi camp? No way, baby. This is the height of all heights *spank* and if you can’t, you know, actually get off by, I dunno, *spank* killing the Jews, at least one can enjoy some hours pretending that you’re them; that the Jews are these girls in striped uniforms; that they can be fucked but the ones in the Nazi uniforms are untouchable *spank*; and that no matter what, they are the masters while you’re a little boy eyeing that big fascist in the sky and hoping that this moment will last just a little, *spank* lon…uh, *spank* long… uh, uh, uh *spank* long…uh…*spank* longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…




*Breathe out slowly*, *breathe again*, *I feel a tad hungry*. *I’ll eat after I investigate that striped girl’s legs*. *Breathe slowly* *Damn, that Sandra has nice titties, next time I should make her spank me till I bleed*. *Breathe out*.


*Oh yes, it’s starting again…*

What a charming hobby. Now, I happen to agree with Mosley that this has been a terrible and unjustifiable invasion of his privacy (which is funny, if you think about it since his poppa was a fascist). Also, none of this justifies having him lose his job as people and organizations are demanding now – it’s nobody’s business what happens in consensual adults’ sexual dealings as long as nobody is getting hurt.

Mosley also claims, though, that there was nothing Nazi-ish going on here. From the video clip, I’d say he’s not exactly reflecting what is shown and his denials are getting him into deeper trouble. Why not just apologize for poor judgment, invite the press to attend your departure to a clinic treating alcoholism, and move on with life? If he continues to try to deny what’s in the video, he is simply deserving of a spanking…

And I know exactly who’ll be administering it.

Prostitute playing Nazi

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  • I disagree. Mosley is a public figure. I certainly hope Congress will closely question David Petraeus about his sexual fantasies later today.

  • I read about this a little while ago. While it’s definitely weird and tasteless, it’s not necessarily illegal in Britain. BTW, there’s been more than one American Jewish chap that has asked me whether I’d consider emulating a German nanny with Nazi features (one even used the title “Fräulein Brunhilde”; if you’re reading this, your weirdness is not forgotten). A few even were pretty disappointed I speak with a Southern British accent as I’ve lived there for a while.

  • “there’s been more than one American Jewish chap that has asked me whether I’d consider emulating a German nanny with Nazi features”

    Where do you hang out?

  • Among upper middle class professionals and your everyday Chasidim; the former group accounts for the oddities though.

  • If we tossed everything that was “weird and tasteless” about sexuality, we’d have a hell of a hard time procreating. (This observation isn’t meant to target you personally, Middle.)

  • I think the porn industry has proven that “weird and tasteless” is in the [insert orifice here] of the beholder.

  • Yeah. An example of the porn industry at work: that Philip Roth dude and his notions about the uses (abuses?) of liver.

  • Liver didn’t really… do much for me, if you know what I mean.

  • Hmm, seems like a waste, but who knows– maybe an improvement over the rotisserie chicken.

  • This makes me wonder whether an entire community of Nazi/Jew sex role playing exists out there. And how one would enter that. I have a friend, or friend of a friend, who’d be really, really into this.

    on another note, is anyone else freaked out by these rogue cameras who with 60 seconds and a youtube upload can destroy someone’s life? When I run for office remind me to keep all my filmmaker friends the hell away.

    muffti or ck…you guys erased those vids from sinai, right? the public wouldn’t look too fondly on a candidate who dabbles in the finest hashish with the finest of sheiks..

  • Aaron, I recall that Tom and I once discussed whether it’s possible to run for office when you blog as we do on Jewlicious.

    Tom’s considered opinion was that I’m never going to get elected.

    By the way, Tom, did you bring up the liver because they were discussing Portnoy on NPR?

  • Middle, I didn’t know that! But here in Massachusetts, all residents can magically channel the spirit of NPR.

  • They discussed Portnoy on NPR yesterday and they specifically brought up the liver. They also had a scene from the movie and they chose the liver scene. If you hadn’t heard it, you definitely were channeling something!