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Another blond Hollywood starlet with ample assets has been possessed by the politician bug, at least virtually. Actress Scarlett Johansson has been exchanging emails with presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The connection? Her twin brother, Hunter, works for the Obama campaign after conveniently leaving his gig as Community Liaison for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer a few weeks ago.

While all this background might explain how Obama and Scarlett were introduced, it doesn’t quite explain why the Dem candidate is garnering “advice” from the Hollywood hottie or why Scarlett is gushing about Obama’s prompt responsiveness to her emails all over the political site, Politico.

Kinda sheds new light on the whole “Yes we can” linchpin of Barack’s campaign.

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  • Muffti admired the part where they try briefly to establish her street cred:

    But last week, the actress, who reads The Economist, serves as an ambassador for Oxfam and also speaks out on behalf of several charities…

    Next time y’all get on Muffti’s case, just remember, he reads Newsweek and the Economist!

  • Dude.

    You wouldn’t respond with alacrity if you saw an e-mail in your inbox from Scarlett Johansson?

    I’ll bet you that Barry would like to make a delivery to her inbox too.

    Michelle better get her rolling pin out and start oliing that sucker up.

  • Muffti agrees, though he supposes it depends on what Scarlett’s email said.

    No more Mad for Muffti. Maybe Cracked every so often.

  • There always seems a subtle sense of repressed jealousy in these muckraking exposes by Beth.

    In any event, as any aficionado of tabloid journalism might suspect during glimmers of their better nature, the links between Hollywood celebrity and politics isn’t always just about the sexual innuendoes one wants to project onto the participants and one’s readership – it’s also likely about Obama being smart enough to realize that Scarlett Johansson has the assets to draw that bitter, repressed white male vote, and make it a little less bitter and repressed.

    Whatever. Hollywood is always a part of (usually Democratic) politics. But why someone would suppose that Obama’s dick is bigger than his brain in tapping (no pun intended) Johansson is not something I can figure out. Maybe if I wore scandal-tinted lenses…

  • I was going to point out to Muffti that Johansson is actually pretty smart, but then I realized that I was thinking of Charlize Theron.

    And in order to bolster Beth’s case, I did come across this little tidbit on Johannson…

    “Johansson says she does not believe in monogamy, and has said that it is not human nature to be with just one person.”

    There. You heard it from wiki

  • Muffti has no particular thoughts about Scarlett’s smarts. He just thinks its funny the way the articles try to sum up how they feel about it by the magazine she reads.

  • “Johansson says she does not believe in monogamy, and has said that it is not human nature to be with just one person.”

    Ummmmm…..one person at a time, or what?

  • She sings (Tom Waits covers- ’cause she’s so brainy!), she acts (indy films- ’cause she can handle criticism!), she’s blonde (do you know how brave and determined you have to be to keep that shizz lookin’ good?)… Is there NOTHING this girl can’t do? Meet VP candidate Johansson, bitches!

  • Idiots take advice from idiots, especially when both thrive on popularity as the basis of their existence. What a joke Obama has become. The only thing more hilarious, is the dumb Jews voting for him.