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Based on unreliable media reports, there may be an exchange for Israeli captive soldiers with Hizbullah some time soon. There is no right or wrong here, one could argue either side of this deal but it’s a coin flip as to whether it’s a good or bad deal. Let us hope, however, that they come back alive and the Israeli government stops toying with the stupid idea of calling them dead. Because then they will be if they’re not already.

The “cease fire” with Hamas lasted less than a day. Palestinians rockets came crashing down on Israel again. When Israel closed Gaza crossings as a response, Hamas told the media Israel was violating the cease fire. This proves that no good deed goes unpunished and Israel should refrain from cutting cease fire deals with terror organizations that don’t recognize it.

Olmert continues to survive. Barak continues to hang on by clawing to the wall from which he is about to slip and fall. Livni is making a gentle push for the top spot and Mofaz is making a crude one. Here in the US, in Forbes magazine, Mr. Forbes wrote that the reason for high oil prices is insecurity about whether Israel is going to attack the “murderous thugs” (his words) in Iran. This is untrue but sounds about as realistic as the other 1200 theories about $4/gallon gas. I hear it’s twice as much in Israel so Mofaz should publicly call for attacks on Iran more often if Mr. Forbes is right.

And like every shabbat for the past 2500-3000 years, Jews everywhere are taking some time to consider or to “keep” the seventh day of the week. Shabbat shalom.

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  • Do you think they are alive middle? I pray to God they are, but my gut tells me different. I think you are right though, either way if Israel declares them dead, they are dead.

    Gilad is not though, I think Israel needs to cut whatever deal and get him back, without that, Hamas has Israel by the proverbial balls. I know there is the argument that appeasement will only lead to more kidnappings, but that is a risk that needs to be taken. Without that there will be no real peace, this cease fire is a joke and it will be broken eventually, and if its broken without Shalit back, then he will be gone forever. The government owes him that much, who cares if they release terrorists who are currently in Israeli jails, its not like there is a shortage w/ them locked up.

  • I think at least one of them is alive. I think Israel’s attempt to one-up Hizbullah’s refusal to share information about their fate with this death declaration is a fiasco.

    Shalit will not be gone forever. He won’t be killed unless Israel trades hundreds of living terrorists for two dead Hizbullah captives. Other than that scenario, he remains too valuable alive and certainly worth more than dead.

    There are no good choices here, only bad ones.

    What I think is interesting is that by demanding that Israel trade hundreds or dozens of captives for one Israeli captive, the Arabs are sending out a message that their people are less important or valuable than Israelis. What seems like a victory is actually an admission of their own insecurity about their standing relative to the “colonialist occupiers.”

  • She made some very interesting observations TM, thanks for the article. The idea about kidnapping Israelis abroad is scary as hell, and the notion of returning Kuntar for only the bodies of fallen soldiers is despicable, but I think it would be worth the trade if there was some proof that Goldwasser and Regev were in fact alive. I don’t think Kuntar could do that much damage as a Hizbullah operative, and if we were lucky he would end up dead by some “work related accident” soon after his release.

  • How can you say there’s no relation between the situation in Israel and global oil prices? Speculation is the major factor behind $143 a barrel. It may not be based on any common sense, but this is how speculation works.

  • Forbes said it was the key element and that’s an absurd statement. Even if it is a factor, which is not something I believe, it is merely one of many factors.

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