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Amy Winehouse
Remember your worst nightmare? The one involving you being discarded like yesterday’s trash and easily replaced? The one where you woke and realized that thankfully you weren’t dispensible or at the very least, it was all just a dream, but secretly questioning and doubting your abilities and cringing at your assessment of you self-worth?

Maybe these neurotic tendencies only creep up on me. It’s possible. As I was watching VH1 today, however, and seeing this new 20-year-old chanteuse from North London being hailed as the “new Amy Winehouse,” I had to sneak a listen to her. I also had to ask myself that why in an industry as vast as music, do we need to go around and recycle the same names. Winehouse was able to breathe new life into soul music and put it back on the map. She should be credited as such, in spite of all her drug-laden shenanigans. The girl’s got raw talent. Her predecessors are simply jumping on the over-crowded bandwagon.

And while the singer known as Adele (having your last name dropped from a label eliminates all those ugly pesky ethnic associations) might be more of a promising gamble in the professionalism dept. and she shares some things in common with Amy -notably they graduated from the same performing arts school and share a producer, Mark Ronson, Adele is no Amy, “chasing pavements” and all.

But you be the judge and listen and compare below.

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  • Adele’s been known for a while over here. Suppose the real problem with lines like “XYZ is the new ABC” is that there’s hardly anything original in the world of pop music these days, so even mediocrity at best is celebrated if it sticks out of the mainstream masses. That said, Britain’s got quite a few promising bands that aren’t widely known in the US yet, so anybody who’s tired of hiphop and R’n’B and re-heated 80s’ pop and 90s’ dancefloor is well-advised to take a look at artists from the other side of the Big Pond.

  • That Adele is frumpy and boring …no “it” factor, no “coolness”, no fun… she’s no Amy Winehouse or even Joss Stone. I’d rather watch old Dusty Springfield videos.

  • You never Chutzpah…She could develop a crystal-meth addiction in the next few weeks, Im Yirtzeh Hashem!

    Imagewise, cokewise, crackwise, racistwise, Winehouse wins everytime…

  • Chutzpah, I thought being “It” was out of fashion by now. 🙂

    Since I decidedly disapprove of substance abuse, Amy Winehouse just doesn’t do it for me. Musically, vocally in particular, she’s not exactly the quality and originality I’d expect from a megastar, but these days and age, musical quality is not the most important thing in the biz as long as your persona sells. Naughty and cheeky songs have been sung before by way more accomplished vocalists as well as by not as famous vocalists, but innovative this isn’t. Just consider that the lyrics of the Song of Songs are more sultry, more erotic, and more powerful.

    Anyhow, Chutzpah, hope you’ll enjoy this though it may appear sacrilegeous to you; it’s a re-orchestrated version of “Sex Bomb” by the composer who wrote the song for Sir Tom, featuring Emma Lanford. Just need to find a link, but it’s also on Yahoo! Launch.

    Aaron, you might enjoy The Kooks and the Arctic Monkeys.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the “Sexbomb” re-mix Froylein, but we all know that there is only one person on this planet who should attempt to sing those awful, horrible lyrics and it’s not anyone named Emma.

    New rumor that TJ will be collaborating with Questlove in the near future. Not as Jewlicious as Y-Love, but impressive musical credentials. http://www.myspace.com/questlove

  • I think Adele has a beautiful voice. She’s been popular in the UK for awhile.

    I was getting sick of that song though, but that’s because they played it every two minutes.

    Duffy is great as well. Have you heard of her?

  • I certainly have heard of Duffy.

    Another lass that’s been celebrated as “the new Amy Winehouse”:

    (Gabriella Cilmi is only 16, so her voice isn’t “set” yet, but this sounds promising, and her age gives the attitude displayed credibility. Women above 25 tend to take being called “sweet” as a compliment. 😉 )

  • Gave into my curiosity and watched the Emma Lanford clip…really actually quite good…she’s got “it”. THANKS!

  • Cilmi’s song is popular here (Glasgow) as well.

    I still can’t believe she’s only 16! She looks much older.

    When I was 16, that would’ve been a compliment! At 27, I know its not! 🙂

  • “Revitalizing” soul music is another way of simply saying she appropriated it. Why does soul music need to be “revitalized”, unless it’s to put a white face on it and recycle it? Apart from her nauseating antics, I find Amy Winehouse to be at best a moderately talented mimic of an original art form whose creation she had nothing to do with.

  • Froylein…all thumbs up for Emma Lanford on TomJonesInternational.com…thank you so,so much!!! (I took the hattip credit for passing it on)

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