In this video promoting Marty Beckerman’s new book Dumbocracy, available September 30th, Marty rips into extremists of all stripes:

In DUMBOCRACY, journalist Marty Beckerman spends four years with foot soldiers of the Left and Right-pro-choice and anti-choice, pro-gay rights and anti-gay rights, pro-war and anti-war-and delivers a searing, hilarious indictment of the True Believer mentality… Whether it’s banning free speech to protect people’s feelings or banning adult entertainment to enforce morality, extremists have no use for our civil liberties. The ends justify the means for each side-such as brainwashing children and criminalizing dissent-because culture warriors have no other reason for living than victory. However, Beckerman is unafraid to expose their tactics-and their never-ending hypocrisies-with comical, over-the-top glee worthy of “South Park” or “The Daily Show.” … No extremist will escape unscathed…

The original title of this book was Retard Nation and Beckerman, an ROI120 and Jewlicious Trip alum seems to really tap into the current zeitgeist of moderation. In this stage of the US Presidential election campaign, both candidates are making moves on America’s undecided voters, those that vote based on issues rather than on pure ideology. While Professor Gil Troy in his book Leading From The Center suggests that being a muscular moderate is the best way to lead, Dumbocracy might suggest that soon enough, both campaigns might descend into renewed partisanship, unable to resist the temptation to act like, well… retards.

Dumbocracy will be available starting September 30th, and Leading From the Center is now available at book stores near you.

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