Big Jewish Face?Emma Rosenblum at NewYork Magazine recently got to hang out with and profile the dreamy host of the Discovery Channel’s Digging for the Truth show, Josh Bernstein. Emma’s assignment was to go on a New York adventure with Bernstein, a New York native (and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2007) who usually traipses through remote ancient temples and rain forests on his show. Offered the opportunity to go kayaking on the Hackensack River, she instead chose to go on a tour of the Museum of Natural History (maybe they should have gotten Amber Sutherland to cover this story?).

I notice that it’s hard not to pay attention to Bernstein… With his suntan, scruff, and very white teeth, he achieves that perfect cable-TV balance between Everyman and Brad Pitt. He also has, as one of my friends describes it, that Big Jewish Face: defined features with an actual nose, not a Hollywood button. It’s a look that’s attracted an avid female fan base of a certain type. A blog called Jewlicious named Bernstein its inaugural Single Semite of the Month… As we stand under the iconic life-size hanging whale, I ask Bernstein about his Daily Show appearance last year, in which Jon Stewart teased him about being a New York Jew who also likes hard-core adventure travel. (“Are you sure you’re a Jew?” Stewart joked.) “Yeah, I didn’t really want him to go there, but it’s not like I could stop him,” Bernstein says. I ask him why he cares. He is a Jew, after all. He even spent a year in Israel after college and contemplated becoming a rabbi. “You know, my religion isn’t part of my job,” he says.

That’s true – but with a name like Josh Bernstein, one’s Judaism is out there for the whole world to see. perhaps Josh should have chosen a nom de guerre like, I dunno, Brandon Armstrong. Then his “Big Jewish Face” would only hint at the possibility of Jewishness. Brandon’s… I mean Josh’s new show, Into the Unknown, “a sexed-up version of Digging in which Bernstein travels through exotic countries, dresses up like a gladiator, and frolics with killer elephants” is sure to have a rabid female following. Comments on New York Magazine’s Web site like “I would totally convert for this hunk of man” with their fetishization of the Jewish male make me uncomfortable, but ladies? Bernstein is 37, single and is looking forward to settling down.

Make of that what you will. Read the article on New York Magazine’s Web site or pick up the latest copy at your news stand!

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