…in the feel good movie of the season:

It’s Friday. JP Morgan ate Washington Mutual, my upcoming trip to Paris is going to cost a fortune because the dollar’s in a free fall and we’re all just goofing off. I don’t even dislike Palin. Much. This video was too good not to pass around. Enjoy and have a peaceful sabbath.

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  • You don’t understand, Wendy. She can see Russia from her house.

  • Did you see the credits??

    RNC Films Presents Baron Konstantin von Neurath’s “Head of Skate”

    Konstantin von Neurath was Hitler’s first Minister of Foreign Affairs, having served in that position for two previous Governments. Not a member of the Nazi Party at the time, he lent the new Hitler government an air of respectability.

    This is followed by Martin Boorman, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frick, Walther Funk, Hermann Göring, Albert Speer, Julius Streicher etc. all Nazis.

    Uhm. That’s not funny.

  • The three words all Obama supporters love to hear…PUCK YOU PALIN!!!

    check out PUCKYOUPALIN.COM, it was created for and dedicated to all those individuals (including hockey moms)who are insulted, disappointed and just fed up with Sarah Palin

  • I’m insulted by, disappointed and fed up with people promoting their websites in the comment threads not through witty / interesting replies and leaving their URL in the appropriate line but by simply and only just advertizing their site.

    On that note, even though I believe McCain could have made better (as in less controversial) choices for his running mate, the feedback Palin receives from allegedly politically and socially progressives is nothing short of sexism and cattiness.

  • “the feedback Palin receives from allegedly politically and socially progressives is nothing short of sexism and cattiness.”

    Including this feedback?

    I hope you realize that wasn’t an ad, BTW. It’s topical to the issue you raise.

    Personally, I think Tina Fey is too funny and brilliant to just dismiss her as a “sexist”, although maybe that’s just me. But I think a lot of others would agree.

    Also, there are many other ways to dismiss people through reductionist, unfair and rash or hasty means. Going after one’s willingness to work as a community organizer might count as one of these and is insulting to a whole lot of people who believe that American politics and social work starts and should start at the grassroots, community level.

  • Watched that clip before. It’s funny, yet sexist as it evokes gender stereotypes / flat characters but at the same time ridiculing that sexism. It’s brilliant in thus far as it displays the hypocrisy Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have faced. A lot of jokes – and satire in particular – work through stereotypes, stereotypical portrayal of gender, ethnicities and professions being pretty common. The cattiness though can be found elsewhere.