Terry, Terry Poison…

Don’t get me wrong. I like Paul McCartney. I know all the Beatles songs off by heart. But did I really want to spend an evening in the company of over fed Israeli Baby Boomers at a badly pronounced Beatles karaoke fest? The answer? No.

Instead of wallowing in the ancient history of rock and roll I decided to explore the future of it, and the future is Female Israeli Rockers. We’ve already featured Noa Margalit of The Carsitters, and you all know about Yael Naim. Last night, instead of joining the geriatric set in Tel Aviv (I had a free ticket by the way) I went to East Talpiot and saw Terry Poison perform. Here’s a badly shot video. Sorry. The song is 24 Hours and is an homage to Jack Bauer from “24”, who even from the perspective of folks from a country with loads of secret agent bad asses running around, is still quite the bad ass.

Terry Poison is:
Louise Kahn: Vocal, Guitar
Petite Meller: Vocal in French, Keyboard
Gili Saar: Back vocal, Bass and keyboard
Anna: guitar Bruno Grife: Production, Synth bass and guitar
Issar Tennebaum: Drums

They’ve been getting good press and attention since 2004 and they are adored in France. So… why aren’t we bringing these bands to the US? Do we really need another dry academic talking to us about Hasbarah and accomplishing nothing but preaching to the choir? What better and more effective Hasbarah is there to society at large than hot Israeli babes?? Seriously. If anyone from a Federation somewhere is reading this and wants to know about this and other bands from Israel that can have an impact not just with our elusive (and mega-bored) young Jews but with US music fans at large, let me know.

And no. If you hire them they will not start their set with fucking Havah Nagillah.

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