The first Broadway play I ever saw was “Les Miserables.” I remember the anticipation – I had just read the novel by Victor Hugo and was touched by its gritty humanity and could not wait to see enacted on stage. Suffice it to say that I was heartbroken and horrified by the saccharine pap that I witnessed. There was nothing wrong with the production – the singers were great, the stage direction and costumes were all fine. It’s just that they took something I loved and turned it into something excessively cheesy. In this video, skewering Obamaniacs, Jibjab got it right on so many levels that… well, just watch it.

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  • Were those supposed to be McCain and Palin near the end? If so, they were the best part. Hilarious stuff, thanks for sharing.

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  • In all fairness – adapting Les Miserables to a musical format was itself an incredible idea that the authors carried off with great success. I can understand the shock of someone coming from the book, but… the two mediums are so very different.

    Nice clip, too.

  • to be entirely accurate…Jib Jab didn’t make this. it was made by a group called Ultimate Improv. i’ve worked with both groups and there are some small crossovers between the two, but this was merely posted at Jib Jab, not produced by them.

    (and there are plenty of us who are genuinely Obamaniacs and love Les Mis, and don’t feel the least bit skewered. 😉 )

  • I don’t feel it was a skewering at all!

    It was widely posted on Daily Kos, and most people assumed the guys were Obama supporters.

    This is the first place where I am reading it is supposed to be a skewering.

  • I’m pretty sure this was made by pro-Obama people–I heard that the actors are a mix of Ultimate Improv and actual campaign staff. Even watching it, it doesn’t seem like a skewering. Then again, I’m one of those people who both volunteers for Obama and loves Les Mis with a passion, so maybe I just can’t tell. 🙂