Apparently there’s now a Sarah Palin wig. On sale this week for $795, down from $895. So if you want to hold a mock debate with your neighbor who looks like Hillary (alas, they do not manufacture a Hillary wig), you now can.

Although, I’d be careful…that vixenish wig may project/elicit an invigorating, moose-killing, slap-shot type lustiness to/in men who may not appreciate your intentions for tzniut (tznius for the linguistically impaired). After all, half the country lusts after this woman, if not her politics. Worst of all, what if your husband, in one of those, uh, heated moments, suddenly calls you “Sarah?” Or “Sarahleh?”

Unless, of course, your name is Sarah, in which case don’t worry about it. But also don’t wear this wig. Just in case.

Hat tip to The Forward.

$795 for a wig?!

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  • It would be cool if I could also get Obama’s ears and Hillary’s canckles at the same place but not sure if I have enough room in the trunk for either. Shabat Shalom.

  • That is so terribly funny.

    $795 for a long-hair human hair wig is actually pretty cheap; over here that would easily cost you four times as much.

  • That is very inexpensive for a wig in the world of Torah Jews. Most Kallah’s expect hand-tied, custom- fitted Human Hair wigs with highlights and low-lights that start at around $3,000 for their “everyday” sheitel. Then they need one for Shabbat, which start at around $5,000, depending on whether you go to the 5 towns to get it or not.

    The fact that the hair might be taken from pagan Temple sacrifices bothers these beautiful new brides about as much as the fact that their kosher meat comes from child labor. Just more examples of Hashem’s Chosen people seeking to beautify his mitzvahs. Really touches the heart.