Jon Stewart taking congress for task for taking off time for Rosh Hashanah – starts at approx 7min mark. Again, Stewart nails it.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • I enjoyed watching the CNN Larry King Show on the first night of Rosh Hashana. His guest were Ben Stein, Paul Krugman, and Suzie Orman. Four Jewish people discussing the economy as the New Year started. Larry King wishes Ben a happy Jewish new year. Then Anderson Cooper came on. I guess he felt like an outsider

  • John Stewart is a moron. He only cares about being Jewish when it comes to putting down Israel. That doesn’t mean OTHER Jews don’t care about our New Year. They took off for RH as a sign of respect! It’s not like they get anything done when they do show up for work anyway.

    Stewart’s phony anger is annoying and besides that Colbert is way more funny. I wish we could could make a trade.

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