Dead Sea

by Xnir (Nir Ben Yosef, who appears to be a talented and prolific aviation photographer)

A rough week for many Jewish organizations and individuals victimized by Bernard Madoff. The scope of the damage is almost unfathomable. It is both sad and distressing. Many programs have already suffered and many more will.

In another front, because of the economy and the credit crunch Sheldon Adelson has also suffered massive losses on paper and his many charitable endeavors are going to be taxed by his personal financial problems. I hear that he can be a real tough cookie in business and in life, but his generosity over the years has been consistent and of great help to institutions and individuals. Let’s hope he gets himself out of trouble.

Man, these are rough days.

Still, shabbat is here again. Shabbat shalom.

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  • Rough days days indeed.Ask all the people who depeneded on the Chais Family Foundation.