Today marks the official launch of Tolerant Nation. This new blog, which will feature posts from a wide variety of guest bloggers in this inaugural year, celebrates multiculturalism and cross-cultural dialogue. It was inspired by the inauguration of now President Obama.

We’ve formed a coalition of artists, comedians, rockers, actors, writers, thinkers and organizations who will collaborate on Tolerant Nation ( This includes Jewlicious, Shemspeed,, ModernTribe, Bookopolis, some awesome bi-racial, multicultural, and passionate thinkers on the subject and much more.

To mark the inauguration, multiculturalism in America and the launch of Tolerant Nation, we’re celebrating with a week of giveaways of Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe. Yes, that loving, irreverent and inclusive celebration of Jewish culture. Cool Jew, the only humor book named among the 2008 National Jewish Book Awards, honors the diversity of the Jewish people with information on Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Hasidim, Reform, and Orthodox Jews and much more. The book also highlights and celebrates Jewish commonalities with other ethnic groups, including Japanese, Native Americans, and Rastafarians, to name a few.

If you’re wondering what else Cool Jew has to do with multiculturalism, my family survived the most extreme attempts to wipe out the Jewish people: the Holocaust and the Spanish Inquisition. My father is a German Jew born in Poland and liberated from Buchenwald by General Patton’s troops in 1945. And my mother was born in Central America to Israelis who spoke the now-rarely heard Judeo-Spanish language known as Ladino. The way I see it, we, the Jewish people, are a proud part of the multicultural fabric of the United States. And the inaugural year of the first person of color to hold the country’s highest office is THE opportune time to promote cross-cultural understanding.

As I write this, it’s almost the end of this historic day here in Washington, D.C. and that means it’s time to announce the first winner of this week’s giveaway of a signed copy of Cool Jew. And just because it’s inauguration day, today’s winner also receives an Obama t-shirt from Rotem Gear with the new prez’s name spelled out in Hebrew. It’s freezing here in D.C. In fact, it’s below freezing. So we’re happy to say this awesome prize package goes to the person registered as “A Little Warmth.” Mazal tov to the Obamas, the Bidens, “A Little Warmth” and all around!

To register to win, sign up at and to join the discussion about tolerance and multiculturalism in North America visit TolerantNation. And if you’d like to guest blog or have suggestions for the site, e-me at tolerantnation (at) gmail (dot) com. Here’s to a new era!

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Lisa Klug

Wordie. Foodie. Jewie. Nerdie. Ashkefardic keyboard addict. Visit me at, on my travels and in the pages of my books, "Hot Mamalah: The Ultimate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe," and "Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe."


  • I have a question for the hippies.

    Do you ever realize that its only yourselves on these hippie blogs/festivals/drum-circles/protests?

    Do you realize that Ahmandinejad and Hamas are not going to come to a blog about tolerance?

    And do you realize that the people that right for the blog and read it, and are not the ones that REALLY need to be reading from it?

    I think there’s a real disconnect where you just can’t put two and two together.

    Its like how hippies express surprise when they find out that gun violence doesn’t stop with gun control.

    They fail to get it through their flower-power, marijuana smoking heads that people who hate others (like Ahmandejad, who can now have primary access to the most powerful person in the world, WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS) are not going to change because you just want to hug them.

    At least you’ve been sort of honest and haven’t said that Obama is good for Israel.

  • Thanks, but I don’t need a Sarah-Silverman-style “intervention” by Jews who are embarrassed by my traditional views, or to be lectured on “tolerance” by people who spent the last 8 years hissing, spitting, and dissing anyone who disagreed with them on a host of issues.

    The Big O got elected because America is a much better, less racist, more tolerant place than the self-righteous elitists could ever believe.

  • I agree there was NO tolerance during the Bush years. Cries of dictatorship and much much worse was heard every single day. Now that Obama is in office we are just supposed to forget? Sorry, you guys sowed the seeds I have a big F off to those hypocrites!

  • In a tolerant America like the one the mag promotes, Ben-David would be unable to air such intolerant views.

    Hell, give him a t-shirt anyway.