11-year-old Muhammad, Gaza
One of the benefits enjoyed by the Palestinians as a result of Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, other than freeing up space for a “400 acre tourism, entertainment and movie production facility” is that it also frees up space for terrorism training. And since it’s summer time, and those pesky kids keep getting in the way, why not kill two birds with one stone and also provide the lovely kinderlach with some wholesome outdoor activities to keep them busy and teach them some lessons in civics, Gaza style? Case in point is 11-year-old Muhammad, pictured above, who, along with dozens of boys between the ages of nine and twelve, joined the big kids in fun, healthy activities like “…exercises in raiding Israel’s border with Gaza and kidnapping of Israeli troops; shooting practice using automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, or RPGs; and explosives testing.”

“The old (Jewish) settlements gave the Palestinian resistance enough space to have big trainings. We never had this space and these possibilities when the Zionists were in Gaza,” Abu Muhammad, a senior Gaza-based leader of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, told WND in an interview… “The resistance is having a second benefit from chasing the Jews from Gaza. [This weekend’s exercise] was proof of the big victory, using land they were occupying for training in preparing us for our next great victory,” Abu Muhammad said… Committees terror group spokesman Muhammad Abdel-Al, also known as Abu Abir, told WND yesterday his group was not brainwashing children… “We are not educating them on hatred. This is our strategy – to turn all the Palestinian people into weapons of resistance,” Abdel-Al said when questioned about his group’s use of boys.

Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

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  • think of all the extra soldiers Israel would be able to train if the Haredim served in the IDF. They should use them as target practice The Mosad should use the Hardi children as target practice if they refuse to serve.

  • I don’t think Chutzpah is joking. She has clearly suffered greatly in her divorce from an “ultra-Orthodox” man, and she is carrying a great deal of anger against him and the rest of the Orthodox community.

    I sympathize with her predicament, but I really think this is way over the line.

  • Chutzpah, by making a statement like that, any good point you might have had about Haredim serving is ignored…… because you look like an idiot……. if fact anyone who is undecided on the issue will probably be more opposed to your way of thinking when they see you write such things.

  • Nope, not joking, just stepped over the line, Sweet Jesus. You can make fun of Mohamad from Gaza all you want here and I will look for someplace else to make fun of Moshe from Plifton, whose parents attitudes are absolutely NO DIFFERENT than Mohamad’s from Gaza.

  • Chutzpah, I’ve had the same “How can you say that?” thoughts when I’ve read the posts by some of the bloggers here.

    Its made me think poorly of those people, and made me really look down on their views.

    They spew it all the time…. its who they are.

    Thats why I pointed it out to you, but don’t point it out to them.

  • Good golly. I never expected this sort of response. This wasn’t meant to foment divisiveness. I don’t know of any parallel to this story in the Haredi world. The Mossad does not use children or anyone for target practice, there is no capital punishment in Israel except for Nazi war criminals, and about 35% of secular Israeli youth who would otherwise qualify for army service manage to shirk their duty. Not serving in the IDF is no longer the unique domain of Haredim.

    I feel your pain Chutzpah, and I’ve gone to bat for you in the past, but really… you really want us to shoot children? Really??

    Adam: Please by all means, if any of our posts offend you, feel free to let us know. That’s why we allow pretty much unmoderated commentary. Just try not to be too mean – not that that’s ever been a problem…

  • Its made me think poorly of those people, and made me really look down on their views.

    They spew it all the time…. its who they are.

    Thats why I pointed it out to you, but don’t point it out to them.

    That’s sweet, isn’t it?

    That from somebody who commonly uses the comment threads to spew out condescending remarks against the bloggers here, their assumed (!) political views, tastes in cultural matters and intellectual abilities….

  • Of course I don’t think children should be used for target practice and I don’t think children should be taught to be weapons of resistance at 11 years old. But either way, children on BOTH sides are indoctrinated with hatred from birth. Sad. Very Sad. And as for the Charedi that don’t serve in the Army, yes, they are on my shit list with the Charedi that commit welfare fraud in this country.

    In Plifton we have a yeshiva girl out on bail with her passport revoked for hitting an old woman and driving away in her minivan to call her Uncle the Lawyer. This is the “middos” we raise in the shtetl. “THE COMMUNITY” is keeping it very hush, hush and the first Orthodox hjew in the N.J. Legislature, Gary Shaer, will help get her out without proper punishment,
    It’s just I’m a too war weary of hearing of the shmutz coming from the “light unto the nations”.
    Children should be free to be children no matter what their parent’s mushagas is.

  • There is a reason I put up with the hurtful and sickening comments on here….. (aside from the fact that I’m a tolerant person who believes in free speech and would never tell someone their comment does not belong here)…. it’s a place to come and brighten my day when the market is performing poorly.

    I’m not sure why, but seeing the decayed metal state of people on here really brightens up my day.

    So what if the dow lost 170 points on Friday? I’m an intelligent, rational & successful person. In terms of where I’d like to be in my life, I’m very happy.

  • Chutzpah, good point.

    Adam, how more pathetic can it get? Real money doesn’t boast. You’ll learn that once you get to meet seriously wealthy people.

  • I love the arrogance by people like froylein. He calls me pathetic!!! He tell me what I’m going to learn!!! He tells me I’m boasting!!! And he even knows who my friends are!!!!


    You just made my night 🙂

    Dude you are so funny!! Are you going to be at Jewlicious 5?

    I didn’t even mention money as one of the things that make me happy. I said intelligence, rational and successful.

    Just some more funny points.

    1. I could have said, “so what if I lost [number] dollars on friday”…. but I didn’t.
    2. Telling me that I don’t know wealthy people is hilarious. Thats like telling Rabbi Yonah that he doesn’t know any observant Jews or telling CK that he doesn’t know any Israelis?

    So much for not judging/tolerance/loving diversity and all those other values you claim to hold so dearly.

    Seeing your usernames: ck, froylein, grandmuffti, themiddle…. reminds me of these guys:
    I don’t know why, but it does.

    Froylein, you are freaking AWESOME!!!!!! Please keep replying.

  • And your last name is Hyman.

    First of all, do some reading. Get the gender right. You’re in a convo with a female. Who lives in Germany. And is hella smart. I’m not messing around. Half of the time I don’t understand what she’s saying, it’s that high brow. Froylein makes cakes, dissects the German language (those posts I tend to skip, to be honest), and just knows a lot. About everything. So much that it makes my head feel heavy, my soul feel slightly worthless. Then I look at the cake picture again and it makes me happy. That’s why we like her. And if you’re really cool, she might even give you a nickname. Mr. Hyman, I’d tell you but I fear you’ll lump me in and attempt to draw another confusing, non creative insult. But just between us, it’s not a codeword or a clever moniker. No disrespect. You should check out my personal blog. I called it the UrbanEskimo. Don’t even ask me why.

    Anyways Hyman, where were we. I digressed, which tends to happen and make life more interesting, I think. Just chill the hell out. And your funny points…not that funny. Could use a better title. And if you do have some wealthy friends, can we meet them sometime?

    I hope this comment was somewhat constructive, though I fear the worst. Goodnight folks. Good fight, good night.

  • Ok…he’s the less sickening version of my original comment and what I really was thinking and meant to articulate:

    “Just think how many more soldiers the IDF would be able to train if Haredi children would serve when they turn legal age ; and, those that don’t serve should be more appreciative of those that are protecting them.”

    Now does everyone feel all warm and fuzzy?

  • “Inuit” is generally considered the more politically correct term for “Eskimo” in many regions where they live.

  • So, chutzpah, you think the Jews aren’t militant enough, that we need to learn from the radical groups how to better educate our children as violent fanatics, is that the point of your rather unpleasant posts?
    How should this play into your custody battles?
    Adam, a little bit of advice- if you are going to be a perennial flamer, you probably shouldn’t link to all those pictures of yourself and your family. What if chutzpah has been training like that Palestinian kid?

  • The point of my unpleasant posts is that I think certain Jews in Israel are greatly benefiting in an unfair way from the mandatory & required military service of other Jews. Currently there is no draft in America, all military service is voluntary, so those who benefit from our Armed Forces without serving are not taking advantage of some sort of “holier than thou” excuse for staying away from positions that are dangerous and perhaps could lead to compromising one’s religious convictions.

  • I know a little Krav Maga but don’t worry, I haven’t had any Uzi lessons yet.

  • ahh ck…

    look we can all start pulling these kinds of stories of how young people are being trained from “both sides.” (i put both sides in quotations b/c of course there aren’t just two sides to what’s going on)…but my question is why? why are you choosing to present it this way? i know you know this is not this simple, as you often write to other people, so why?

  • BEAUTIFUL video Krawitz, and if it wasn’t so hypocritical it wouldn’t have made me cry.

    Big Aish is responsible for more divisiveness amongst the Jewish people and especially between siblings and between parents and their own children than any other organization since the 3rd Reich.

    This one can’t eat at that one’s, this one can’t go to their nephew’s bar mitzvah, that one can’t speak to their gay sibling, this one can can only speak to their non-frum parents when they are doling out cash for tuition or food, that one can’t pray with the minyan at their Aunt’s shiva because women are in the room….and so on and so on and shoobie doobie doobie.

    But really, nice try, thank you.

    Oh, and I think that’s Cantor Shlomo Singer of Passaic Torah Institute pictured in one of the shots…responsible for quite a few divorces and lots of fights amongst bal tsuvah married couples in town because his second wife earns MAJOR real estate money to support his learning and he things every shmuck that walks into his bais midrash is entitled to a smart, strong woman like her. Don’t know where he dumped the first one…

  • I would love to see in Israel a 10% rule, meaning that the top 10% of the Hareidi community will be granted immunity from service, so long as they are studying all day, which IMHO (many will disagree) is important for the well being of Israel. The rest of them can suffer like the rest of of us Schmucks. Although, have you met some of them, they shouldn’t be allowed near a gun or heavy machinary. Seriously, Jewlicious is the best blog site by far. Even the bloggers I disagree with issuewise, I can respect. They have the right amount humor and sarcasm and really don’t take themselves too seriously, unlike those over at Jewschool. Oh dear, maybe I shouldn’t have gone there, but eh it’s true.

  • The contentiousness above I don’t consider to be my fight at all. But having said apparently contentious things about the GOP VP pick here before (as well as contentious things about not a few other topics), I’d hate to disappoint. However, my bone to pick is with the fact that certain people like to nod along while breaking bread with audiences in which the case is being made for justifying Jewish deaths by terrorist attack as part of G-d’s retribution for their refusal to deify Jesus.

    Regardless of where one stands on stands on the ethical conclusions that can be drawn from such a claim, (and I’m hoping most here would draw negative ones), shouldn’t more attention be given to this matter in the Jewish blogosphere?

    Just another controversial question. (It’s not as if too many controversial statements aren’t being made already or anything). Ok. Maybe they are. 😉

  • Would there be a 10% rule for the non-religious schmucks as well, because there is supposed to be some sort of democracy involved.

    How would one figure out who made the 10% of the top Schmucks list? What if their were different factions of shmucks? What if the top Schmucks really should not be allowed near a gun or heavy machinery either?

    Why are the Hareidi’s studies more important to Israel than the studies of a Conservative or Reform Rabbinical Student?

    Why are the Haredi studies more important than anyone who wants to study math or science or literature?

    Oh, because the Haredis said so. I get it now.

  • DON”T GET ME STARTED ON “FASHION” JM. My daughter had to wear pantyhose, a skirt below her knee and a button down long sleeve shirt OVER a long sleeve tee shirt for her first day at an all girls Yeshiva. G-d forbid one of her classmates or female teachers should see her collar bone in 90 degree heat. Or worse a Rabbi could have walked by her and get an immediate hard-on because he can’t control his impure thoughts when looking at a 9th grader. And yes, my daughter is especially gorgeous and HOT (in those clothes)

    Did she look like “the Daughter of the King” as the Bas Yisroel rethetoric says…no, she looked like a kid who didn’t read the weather report before going outside.

    Does anyone think I’m going to ever get over these anger issues, because my Shrink says I will as soon as my youngest turns 18, which is 8 years and quite frankly, I’m starting to bore myself with all my same complaints about the Orthodox.

    Can we talk about sex instead, that never gets boring.

  • Chutzpah, I have no idea what you’re talking about re: your comment after mine. Are you confusing me with ck? I didn’t post a video, so I have no idea what you’re commenting on…

  • Adam, a little word from the wise, “Class is not a facial cream.”
    And no, I’m not going to be at Jewlicious 5 as I’ve got a full-time job and won’t take extra time off apart from my holidays if not absolutely necessary. I’ll mail you a cardboard nose though if you hope to treat the attendees to your stage appearance there. Who knows? They might find you funny. I don’t.

    Sonny, that was very sweet of you. It made my day after an almost full-frontal collision on my motorbike as a car driver cut a turn and ended up in the wrong lane.

    Chutzpah, I take it the tights have to be opaque? Are they at least allowed to be somewhat fashionable?

  • Chutzpah and DigitaL: How about this?

    The top 10% of everyone don’t have to serve in the Army.

    They should have to do something though that benefits the country. Either learning Torah or studying the sciences.

    Conservative/Reform/Jew4Jesus/Christian religious students should not be able to get exempted from the army – even if they are Jews, because they’re not studying what the State of Israel (and most Israelis) hold to be Judaism.

  • HAHA. Adam, your ability to start a shitstorm with us a few words dazzles me. I’ve got my seat ready for what happens next.

    Chutzpah, I fully agree with you. You’re ready to author a full wiki on your frustrations and observed inconsistencies. It is growing a bit stale, but the random ‘This Rosh Yeshiva secretly slept with four of his students while nursing a nasty coke habit’ fact manages to draw my attention when used sparingly. And SEX? Why didn’t you tell us this before? I’m always ready to discuss that on the table. I heard a lecture about sacred sexuality and sexual repression in the Shulchan Orech, and its discrepancies with the commandments to sexually fulfill your partner, esp. the wife. Or perhaps only the wife. Screw the husband. (Not literally, though I bet that’s implied as well). Shed some light on this?

    Fro, sorry to hear about the near accident. Ich dachte, Deutsch-Treiber sind meist sehr sicher?

    And this 10% rule…wow. Maybe the top 20% get stickers on their canteens?

  • What about the little matter in CK’s post, up at the top of this thread, complete with a photo? CK is being remarkably patient. Maybe he has given up on this thread.

    Oh well. I have hijacked plenty of threads myself.

    The kid should put the gun down and marry a nice girl. So there.

    Where is Esther when we need an editor?

  • Sorry Krawitz, I meant the Aish YouTube video that J.Miller posted above your post in #22