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  • We wondered at times if this script was a fake, and it’s still possible that it is — but if so, it’s such a skillful fake that the author has even mastered Tarantino’s ability to write moments that seem almost like parodies of his own tastes. Such as, for example, our favorite moment in the screenplay, with a mix of fetishism and inspired comedy that feels authentically alive. Late in chapter four, the Nazis are preparing Shosanna’s movie theater for its big premiere, and Goebbels tells her that he appreciates “the modesty of this auditorium.” Then he suggests sprucing the place up a bit, with a chandelier from Versailles and a couple of Greek nudes from the Louvre scattered around the lobby. A quick montage shows this happening, and then Tarantino describes the result:

    We see Workers trying with incredible difficulty, to hoist the huge, heavy, and twinkingly fragile chandelier, in Shosannas auditorium, which now resembles something out of one of Tinto Brass’s Italian B-movie rip-off’s of Visconti’s “The Damned”.

    If anyone is crazy enough to fund it, this movie is gonna be awesome.

    -We’ve Got Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’ Script: New York Magazine

    I have to agree. Can’t wait till it’s released.

    And Hannah? You can just use the contact form to let us know about your new videos ya know…

  • Does anyone know when this comes out?

    It looks like a great Father’s Day activity. My dad loves to watch Jews killing Nazis even more than I do.

  • Is there enough stage blood in the world to actually make this movie?

    It is, after all, by Tarantino, the master of Gore Porn.

    The Jews scalping Nazis and braining them with baseball bats (where do you get a baseball bat in Occupied France, I wonder?) thing sounds fun, though. Tarantino may drown the audience in blood and pretentious nihilism, but he does have a certain je ne sais quoi.