Yesterday, Yeshiva University let go of closer to 120 people (if you include forced retirements) [see the previous post] in what many are saying is a massive screw up by the people on top. Rather than having the senior level staff take 2-5% paycuts, they decided to let go of al the “little people”, people who in fact make the university run. I wonder how the rabbis in the various departments are going to get stuff done without their trusty assistants. Only time will tell.

What really irked me was the gall that YU had to announce a job fair for later this month, for YU affiliated personnel (students, alumni, and I would presume the recently laid off) only. That’s what I call Chutzpah. If you really cared about your employees’ welfare, you would’ve take pay cuts like any moral institution would do.  Or G-d forbid you dip into your $1Billion+ endowment.


If you are in New York City, looking to network, looking for a job, looking to meet others, check out a community organized event: ParnasaFest NY, taking place at Mt. Sinai Jewish Center this Thursday 2/12 between 8-10pm. Click here for the Facebook event.

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