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  • I don’t think his views have changed much. Say what you will about him, but for a politician it’s good to see he has at least SOME principles.

  • Middle, I remember that goofy PBS show. The original host was no less a worthy than Mike Dukakis. Interesting concept, courtroom-style examination of talking heads on different sides of a controversial issue. As you note, it sadly never overcame its Harvard/MIT roots.

  • Well, in your part of the country you can’t throw a snowball without hitting a graduate of those schools. Some of us, however, are still impressed with those schools. Well, at least with getting in as a student. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Do you think it’s too late for me to apply?

  • Middle, the Kennedy School has a somewhat cheesy one-year, mid-career masters program. You should look into it. People I know who did it have gotten some pretty neat jobs.

    I respect the 40 year-old virgins of MIT. Harvard?… Overrated.

  • If you conceal your Lobby affiliation and get a letter of rec. from me (for good and sufficient consideration, of course), we can, against my better judgment, get you into Harvard.