Okay, another week is behind us.

The Middle hurt his knee pretty badly, although x-rays show no break.

There is still no new government in Israel. The existing government blinked as Hamas continued to play Chicken over Gilad Shalit. Somebody figured out that Hamas had not budged much from their original demands before the operation in Gaza. And yes, fewer rockets are being launched at civilian communities in the Western Negev, but they are still coming. At least one poll shows that a majority of Israelis believe the operation ended too soon. One doesn’t need a poll to figure that out, says Hamas.

On another front, a number of soldiers have apparently reported wartime acts that are unreasonable and difficult to comprehend. If true, they undermine the efforts of the IDF to claim that they were careful during the incursion into Gaza. The jury is still out on this story because the source happens to be an individual whose political views are well served by this story and because some soldiers have come out strongly against the claims made in these stories.

Here in the US, the slogging-through-the-economic-mud of the Obama administration continues. Deficit and debt predictions for the US look grim, the banks (and AIG) continue to sit on our their money, laughing their pupiks off all the way to the, uh, bank with my our tax dollars. This week the Fed added another trillion dollars to the mix, which suggests severe inflation ahead and a potential slump of the US Dollar. The Chinese Premier commented about his concern regarding the trillion dollars his country has invested in the US. It’s not a pretty time, that’s for sure. In the plus column we have Fed chairman Ben (Shalom) Bernanke predicting that we’ll be out of the recession by the end of this year. Let’s hope he knows what he’s talking about, that last guy, Greenspan, may not have known as much as was thought.

There’s lots more, but it’s time to go and read a book or something.

The lovely image of a flower in Tel Aviv is called by its photographer, the single, wild-eyed, Tel Avivi Back To Menu (now that’s a good moniker) This is Not a Flower Photo.

Of course not, it’s a photo of the first day of spring. Happy Spring, everybody.

And Shabbat shalom!

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