Mr. No Global Warming and No Allah!

Mr. No Global Warming and No Allah!

You gotta love Republicans. Sen. James Inhofe (R, Okla.), the ranking Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee and a leading skeptic on global warming, announced on the Senate floor yesterday that he will filibuster President Obama’s first nominee to the federal bench, Judge David Hamilton. Why? Because Inhofe took umbrage with Hamilton’s judgment in the case of Hinrichs vs Bosmah where it was decided that “Jesus” could not be used in opening prayers at Indiana’s House of Representatives, but in theory, “Allah” could be used in entirely non-sectarian prayers.

The Arabic word “Allah” is used for “God” in Arabic translations of Jewish and Christian scriptures. If those offering prayers in the Indiana House of Representatives choose to use the Arabic Allah, the Spanish Dios, the German Gott, the French Dieu, the Swedish Gud, the Greek Theos, the Hebrew Elohim, the Italian Dio, or any other language’s terms in addressing the God who is the focus of the non-sectarian prayers contemplated in (US Supreme Court case) Marsh v. Chambers, the court sees little risk that the choice of language would advance a particular religion or disparage others. If and when the prayer practices in the Indiana House of Representatives ever seem to be advancing Islam, an appropriate party can bring the problem to the attention of this or another court.

So Inhofe is mad at Hamilton for a judgment he made which relied on a previous ruling of the US Supreme Court. Inhofe also finds it offensive that Allah can be invoked in prayer but not Jesus, neglecting of course to note that Allah is just the Arabic word for God, and that a similar use of Muhammad would also be banned. How exactly did this man become a US Senator?? Can I be a Senator too please? Apparently we will soon be hearing rumors that Judge Hamilton is a secret Muslim, just like President Obama!!

Sigh. Read Attorney Ian Millhiser’s article on the issue at the Huffington Post.

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  • He’s probably one of those whackjobs who thinks “Allah” refers to a demonic moon god. And as for why he gets elected and re-elected, it’s Oklahoma, the reddest state in the country per the results of the presidential election (as in, every single county went red. You can’t say the same about Utah).

  • KFJ: If morons can be Senators then why not Canadians?

    Doh. Walked right into that one.

  • I did not know Indiana was part of the Arab world. If Allah is Arabic than it is Islam. Why not compromise and call Him Elohim. Oh we cant because that is Jewish. The whole battle is over the covenant between Ishmael and Isaac. So let’s see if your Arab you are from Ishmael. If you are Isaac you are Jewish. Are we rapidly becoming a bunch of non thinkers on this earth that will just bow to any thought with no logic behind it. Thank you to the Senator for speaking up and seeing the truth behind such a blatantly flawed law.

  • I was astonished to find that Indiana would prefer to allow allah and not Jesus or Christ or Elohim in their statehouse. It seems to me they are taking away the right for right to religious freedom. If allah means god then why don’t they just say God which would satisfy most religions. Allah is arabic , the countries that have created problems for the free world. I know of an incident at an IRS facility that allowed an islam to bring his prayer mat to work and allowed him to pray. It’s too bad that the Catholics couldn’t kneel down and say the Rosary during their break.