So far:

Poland, Canada, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Israel and the USA.

Shame on any Western, democratic country that participates. France, Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Finland are just some examples of countries that haven’t backed out of this bad joke where the leaders and NGOs active in such enlightened countries as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Afghanistan, etc. focus the UN’s energies and reputation on besmirching Israel to the exclusion of the rest of the world.

Just a small reminder to any attendees who might read this little post: the non-Jewish Arabs who live in Israel have more rights than the Arabs in virtually all Arab states. Israeli non-Jewish women, Arab and non-Arab, have more rights – in fact, rights equal by law to all Israeli citizens – than virtually all women in the Middle East.

Israel stands head and shoulders above its critic countries when it comes to freedom of individuals, freedom of the press and the rights of its citizens. And no, it’s far from perfect and there are many flaws within its society. But even with those flaws and even with the necessary presence of its military among the Palestinians of the West Bank/Judea and Samaria, Israel still maintains a moral superiority over those countries who will be running the show in Geneva this week. Those Western democracies and their NGOs that will be attending and thereby actively or passively supporting the charade of this forum that is nothing more than an anti-Israel festival should recognize that it is to their shame – just as it was in Durban several years ago – that they’re participants. Yes, Amnesty and HRW stand out in particular as do the countries I list above.

Update: Poland and Sweden have been added to the list. My apologies for the oversight.

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