Eshet Chayil Mi Yimtsa?

It’s been a while so we’re due for another post on Jewish songstress Amy Winehouse. So as you know Winehouse is in the process of getting divorced from her douchey loser husband Blake Fielder-Civil. At stake is Winehouse’s $15 million personal net worth. Now it turns out that when Blake was in rehab, he impregnated 31-year old Heroin addict Gilleen Morris (Blake also has a girlfriend, Francesca Morralee, 17 – nice guy, eh?). The baby is due in November. Amy only found out Friday after getting out of a hospital in St. Lucia where she is vacationing and clearly, drinking too much.

What’s notable about all this is Amy’s response. Initially she was at first happy for Blake, then furious at him and then she started wailing and beating on her chest. However, something about her soon to be ex-husband impregnating a junkie must have ignited her maternal instinct …

Then she stood up and started beating her chest again and pulling at her bikini as she declared: “My turn now, my turn now! Come on! Twins you know! … “I’ve got loads of twins in my family, I need to have twins. I want a big family. Twin boys first, two girls and then a baby after that can be a boy or a girl. I want it so much.”

OK… Winehouse has been hanging out with children in St. Lucia. As Celebuzz noted, this isn’t all that scary “Perhaps Amy can teach the kiddies how to amusingly grab their crotches when the camera is pointed at them… And the tots, in turn, can hopefully teach Winehouse something about personal responsibility and maturity.” There’s also news that Winehouse is planning to write a children’s book made up of her original poetry.

So far so good right? Well, no, not really. This new maternal kick has also inspired within Amy the desire to adopt a St. Lucian child:

The 25-year-old singer now apparently sees herself as the ‘Angelina Jolie of St Lucia’ and wants to help poor and underprivileged children… ‘Amy is seriously thinking about adopting,’ says my source. ‘But she is aware it’s going to be incredibly difficult with her background.’

Uhm. Yeah. Good luck with that massively frightening project Amy!

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