We’ve written about Don Siegelman and the nefarious behavior by certain parties which landed him in prison. It seems his offense was that he is a Democrat. And yet, almost 4 months in office and there is silence from the Obama White House and the Holder Justice Department. This is inexcusable. At the very least, they should be looking into this matter with the same intensity that they’re addressing torture and Abu Gharaib. There is nothing short of a military coup that undermines the freedom of democracy to a greater degree than using the power of the law to intimidate and actually remove politicians from office. It is ten times worse when they are imprisoned – this is something we expect from Russia, China and Iran, NOT the USA.

And there is no greater evil short of physical harm – and that’s a possibility in jail – than imprisoning an innocent man.

One of our commenters was kind enough to leave the phone number to the Justice Department. Do a mitzvah and call them. Leave an indignant message demanding that they take steps to investigate the people who did this and release Don Siegelman.

The Attorney General’s Office can be reached at their comment line:


To read more about this case, here is one of our posts.

Call now: 202-514-2000

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  • Middle, it’s hard to evaluate this post without knowing the procedural posture of the case. What’s his trial date? Whither bail? fyi, the dockets of all Federal courts are online, and most court filings can be viewed and copied. If you have his case info (docket #, etc.) write to me and I’ll make copies.

  • Hey! Thank you for posting this! Dad is appealing his case for a second time. He is out of prison pending the first appeal, and may have to go back at any moment. I do not know the docket number, but I have asked him for it, so I will post it here when I get it. Thank you again for reminding people about this!

  • I know that Don is still in the appeal process, but has anyone thought of beginning the process of a Presidential pardon? The case should never have gone to a jury, but I have seen many cases that should never ended in court, end with convictions. Dana, you and your family are daily in our prayers.

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