“Demilitarized” Palestinian state with “East” Jerusalem as its capital and the Old City as an international city.

He formulated this with the King of Jordan.

The US president’s initiative, which was formulated in consultation with Jordan’s King Abdullah II during the two leaders’ recent meetings at the White House, reportedly does not significantly stray from the pan-Arab peace initiative proposed in 2002. Rather, it bolsters certain details within the Saudi-proposed plan.

The matter of borders would be solved with territorial exchanges between Israel and the Palestinians, and the Old City of Jerusalem would be established as an international zone.

The initiative would require the Palestinians to give up their claim of a “right of return,” according to Yediot, and Europe and the US would arrange compensation for refugees, including foreign passports for those residing abroad.

I’d agree to this if I lived in Israel, especially if the Arab League guaranteed the peace and acceptance promised in the 2002 Saudi plan and as long as UNGAR 194 isn’t part of the agreement.

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  • If I were Bibi, I’d say, “Sure, and Chicago can be the new US capital with Wrigleyville as an international city for the Chippewa Indians!.” Or he can just say, “Go get bent, f****** amateur clown Messiah”.

  • Now this is my kind of guy: http://www.weaselzippers.net/blog/2009/05/israeli-vice-premier-jerusalem-will-not-be-divided.html

    See, Israel has finally got the memo. Obama has demonstrated that he is weak and a paper tiger by running around apologizing to terrorists and commies, and by weakening the US by publishing military secrets. Israel understands and rightly isn’t buying anything he’s selling. Maybe you American Jews were right after all, a vote for Obama was a vote for Israeli strength!

  • Fuck you, Obama. Kiss my skinny Jewish ass, you anti-Semitic prick.

    “Sure, we’ll take Yerushalayim and the Har ha Bait off your hands, Jews. We’ll see to it that your rights in your holy sites are respected, just like we always have.”

    I can’t believe the cocksucking SOB had the chutzpah to endorse something like this. Just who the fuck does he think he is?

    Oh, right, he’s the Omamessiah. I forgot.

    See you in hell first, motherfucker.

  • Wow! I’m so happy that someone else shares in my deep disdain for NOTUS. Thanks Ephriam for reminding me that being a minority within a minority is a privilege. Oh, and in case someone comes across this site looking for Jewish opinion on The One, let me add: F*** Obama!

  • Bush is so evil. Why didn’t he think of this?

    Jerusalem an international city? Hey, it worked for Danzig, right?

  • According to a sometimes delinquent online source, the first worthy to propose making Jerusalem an international city was (drum roll, please). . . Pope Pius XII.

  • Yeah, Tom, and look how well that worked!

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, IIRC.

  • Here are the relevant passages regarding Jerusalem in the Partition Plan. It is actually quite visionary.


    The City of Jerusalem shall be established as a corpus separatum under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations. The Trusteeship Council shall be designated to discharge the responsibilities of the Administering Authority on behalf of the United Nations.

    The City of Jerusalem shall include the present municipality of Jerusalem plus the surrounding villages and towns, the most eastern of which shall be Abu Dis; the most southern, Bethlehem; the most western, ‘Ein Karim (including also the built-up area of Motsa); and the most northern Shu’fat, as indicated on the attached sketch-map (annex B).

    The Trusteeship Council shall, within five months of the approval of the present plan, elaborate and approve a detailed statute of the City which shall contain, inter alia, the substance of the following provisions:

    Government machinery; special objectives. The Administering Authority in discharging its administrative obligations shall pursue the following special objectives:

    To protect and to preserve the unique spiritual and religious interests located in the city of the three great monotheistic faiths throughout the world, Christian, Jewish and Moslem; to this end to ensure that order and peace, and especially religious peace, reign in Jerusalem;

    To foster cooperation among all the inhabitants of the city in their own interests as well as in order to encourage and support the peaceful development of the mutual relations between the two Palestinian peoples throughout the Holy Land; to promote the security, well-being and any constructive measures of development of the residents having regard to the special circumstances and customs of the various peoples and communities.

    Governor and Administrative staff. A Governor of the City of Jerusalem shall be appointed by the Trusteeship Council and shall be responsible to it. He shall be selected on the basis of special qualifications and without regard to nationality. He shall not, however, be a citizen of either State in Palestine.

    The Governor shall represent the United Nations in the City and shall exercise on their behalf all powers of administration, including the conduct of external affairs. He shall be assisted by an administrative staff classed as international officers in the meaning of Article 100 of the Charter and chosen whenever practicable from the residents of the city and of the rest of Palestine on a non-discriminatory basis. A detailed plan for the organization of the administration of the city shall be submitted by the Governor to the Trusteeship Council and duly approved by it.

    3. Local autonomy

    The existing local autonomous units in the territory of the city (villages, townships and municipalities) shall enjoy wide powers of local government and administration.

    The Governor shall study and submit for the consideration and decision of the Trusteeship Council a plan for the establishment of special town units consisting, respectively, of the Jewish and Arab sections of new Jerusalem. The new town units shall continue to form part the present municipality of Jerusalem.

    Security measures

    The City of Jerusalem shall be demilitarized; neutrality shall be declared and preserved, and no para-military formations, exercises or activities shall be permitted within its borders.

    Should the administration of the City of Jerusalem be seriously obstructed or prevented by the non-cooperation or interference of one or more sections of the population the Governor shall have authority to take such measures as may be necessary to restore the effective functioning of administration.

    To assist in the maintenance of internal law and order, especially for the protection of the Holy Places and religious buildings and sites in the city, the Governor shall organize a special police force of adequate strength, the members of which shall be recruited outside of Palestine. The Governor shall be empowered to direct such budgetary provision as may be necessary for the maintenance of this force.

    Legislative Organization.

    A Legislative Council, elected by adult residents of the city irrespective of nationality on the basis of universal and secret suffrage and proportional representation, shall have powers of legislation and taxation. No legislative measures shall, however, conflict or interfere with the provisions which will be set forth in the Statute of the City, nor shall any law, regulation, or official action prevail over them. The Statute shall grant to the Governor a right of vetoing bills inconsistent with the provisions referred to in the preceding sentence. It shall also empower him to promulgate temporary ordinances in case the Council fails to adopt in time a bill deemed essential to the normal functioning of the administration.

    Administration of Justice.

    The Statute shall provide for the establishment of an independent judiciary system, including a court of appeal. All the inhabitants of the city shall be subject to it.

    Economic Union and Economic Regime.

    The City of Jerusalem shall be included in the Economic Union of Palestine and be bound by all stipulations of the undertaking and of any treaties issued therefrom, as well as by the decisions of the Joint Economic Board. The headquarters of the Economic Board shall be established in the territory City. The Statute shall provide for the regulation of economic matters not falling within the regime of the Economic Union, on the basis of equal treatment and non-discrimination for all members of thc United Nations and their nationals.

    Freedom of Transit and Visit: Control of residents.

    Subject to considerations of security, and of economic welfare as determined by the Governor under the directions of the Trusteeship Council, freedom of entry into, and residence within the borders of the City shall be guaranteed for the residents or citizens of the Arab and Jewish States. Immigration into, and residence within, the borders of the city for nationals of other States shall be controlled by the Governor under the directions of the Trusteeship Council.

    Relations with Arab and Jewish States. Representatives of the Arab and Jewish States shall be accredited to the Governor of the City and charged with the protection of the interests of their States and nationals in connection with the international administration of thc City.

    Official languages.

    Arabic and Hebrew shall be the official languages of the city. This will not preclude the adoption of one or more additional working languages, as may be required.


    All the residents shall become ipso facto citizens of the City of Jerusalem unless they opt for citizenship of the State of which they have been citizens or, if Arabs or Jews, have filed notice of intention to become citizens of the Arab or Jewish State respectively, according to Part 1, section B, paragraph 9, of this Plan.

    The Trusteeship Council shall make arrangements for consular protection of the citizens of the City outside its territory.

    Freedoms of citizens

    Subject only to the requirements of public order and morals, the inhabitants of the City shall be ensured the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, religion and worship, language, education, speech and press, assembly and association, and petition.

    No discrimination of any kind shall be made between the inhabitants on the grounds of race, religion, language or sex.

    All persons within the City shall be entitled to equal protection of the laws.

    The family law and personal status of the various persons and communities and their religious interests, including endowments, shall be respected.

    Except as may be required for the maintenance of public order and good government, no measure shall be taken to obstruct or interfere with the enterprise of religious or charitable bodies of all faiths or to discriminate against any representative or member of these bodies on the ground of his religion or nationality.

    The City shall ensure adequate primary and secondary education for the Arab and Jewish communities respectively, in their own languages and in accordance with their cultural traditions.

    The right of each community to maintain its own schools for the education of its own members in its own language, while conforming to such educational requirements of a general nature as the City may impose, shall not be denied or impaired. Foreign educational establishments shall continue their activity on the basis of their existing rights.

    No restriction shall be imposed on the free use by any inhabitant of the City of any language in private intercourse, in commerce, in religion, in the Press or in publications of any kind, or at public meetings.

    Holy Places Existing rights in respect of Holy Places and religious buildings or sites shall not be denied or impaired.

    Free access to the Holy Places and religious buildings or sites and the free exercise of worship shall be secured in conformity with existing rights and subject to the requirements of public order and decorum.

    Holy Places and religious buildings or sites shall be preserved. No act shall be permitted which may in any way impair their sacred character. If at any time it appears to the Governor that any particular Holy Place, religious building or site is in need of urgent repair, the Governor may call upon the community or communities concerned to carry out such repair. The Governor may carry it out himself at the expense of the community or communities concerned if no action is taken within a reasonable time.

    No taxation shall be levied in respect of any Holy Place, religious building or site which was exempt from taxation on the date of the creation of the City. No change in the incidence of such taxation shall be made which would either discriminate between the owners or occupiers of Holy Places, religious buildings or sites or would place such owners or occupiers in a position less favourable in relation to the general incidence of taxation than existed at the time of the adoption of the Assembly’s recommendations.

    Special powers of the Governor in respect of the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites in the City and in any part of Palestine.

    The protection of the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites located in the City of Jerusalem shall be a special concern of the Governor. With relation to such places, buildings and sites in Palestine outside the city, the Governor shall determine, on the ground of powers granted to him by the Constitution of both States, whether the provisions of the Constitution of the Arab and Jewish States in Palestine dealing therewith and the religious rights appertaining thereto are being properly applied and respected.

    The Governor shall also be empowered to make decisions on the basis of existing rights in cases of disputes which may arise between the different religious communities or the rites of a religious community in respect of the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites in any part of Palestine.

    In this task he may be assisted by a consultative council of representatives of different denominations acting in an advisory capacity.

  • Oh, please, Middle. Can you imagine anybody less qualified to oversee something like this than the UN?

    I mean, really: do you seriously think that it is advisable to entrust Jewish access to the Kotel to the UN? You know, the people who put on Durban and all the rest of it?

    If you do, you’re delusional.

  • Didn’t the UN pass a resolution stating that Zionism = Racism? Was it that same UN? So why do we care again what and when some bureaucrat decided what to do with our Homeland again? Damn, Middle, you really have this hope and changy thing real bad don’t you? You really are an optimist if I’ve ever seen one. F*** Barack Obama and f*** the UN.

  • themiddle – you based your whole “Leaving the West Bank” post on a rationale of demographics and the undesirability of Jewish rule over millions of Arabs, not to mention the possibility of a Jewish minority in Israel.

    Jerusalem has nothing to do with that. Not only does Israel have no reason to trust anything the UN (not to mention the Arab League) says regarding the conflict, ceding the very heart of Israel (EASTERN Jerusalem – the Old City, and its heart Temple Mount) would mean the end to Zionism.

    You advocated unilateral withdrawal. How does this work with that? I don’t understand.

  • First of all, I’m not suggesting the UN should administer Jerusalem in 2009. I’m pointing you to where the idea originated. The UN of 1947 was very different than the UN of 2009. Check out the membership rolls and you’ll see that the automatic Arab-Islamic-Africa block which has existed since the ’60s/’70s was not yet in place.

    Regardless, whoever has the idea they can diffuse this serious point of contention without some sort of sharing plan is dreaming. On the other hand, what is wrong with sharing? I’m not talking about the eastern or western part of Jerusalem but about the Old City and holy places. Make them international and give respective control over holy sites. Keep the area entirely disarmed except for the international force and let everybody live their lives. If Jews want to move into the Jewish Quarter, they can. If they want to pray at the Western Wall, they can. The Muslims can enjoy their holy places and the Muslim Quarter. Have an Administrator manage growth and permits for construction with an understanding that growth must be balanced. Restrict sales of property outside groups’ natural Quarter to avoid creating tensions. Prevent construction on any holy site without committee of both sides agreeing. Punish crimes by sending the perpetrator to the government of the opposing regime…

    LB, I didn’t say anywhere that Jews should leave Jerusalem. I don’t consider Jerusalem the West Bank or under discussion in the same way Judea and Samaria are. I think that sharing the Old City with an international administration will ensure the sanctity of ALL holy places, the right of EVERYBODY to worship peacefully and most important, it will foster the concept of peace and co-existence. Without taking care of this issue properly, there will be no peace in the long run. Sharing IS a solution for the long run.

  • themiddle – If it was understood from what I said that you implied Jews should leave Jerusalem – then I’ll say now I did not mean to express that at all. Nevertheless, leaving also means ceding control, even if resident remain in place.

    And so, the question is – Is Zionism about simply Jewish presence or sovereignty? Sharing the Old City does ensure Jewish control over the ultimate Jewish city. Furthermore, Israel has ensured more freedom to all religious places to all – with one exception – Jews (pray publicly on Temple Mount recently?). Zionism is not just about freedom and access – it’s about asserting self-rule at home, and if the main room of our house is under someone else’s control – what have we achieved?

  • You’re crazy, Middle. Who is going to run this Utopia of yours? That is the ONLY relevant or important question.

    History has shown that the only way for Jews to safeguard their rights in Jerusalem is for them to control it. Any time the goyim get their hands on Jerusalem it is Juden raus. Why do you think it would be any different this time?

    And if not the UN, who will run it? The EU (soon to be Eurabia in all but name)?

    And what do you think will happen the first time there is an argument between Jews and Muslims about whose holy place it is? The Arabs don’t recognize any Jewish rights to any Jewish holy places anywhere. They say that even the Kotel doesn’t belong to us but is an Islamic waqf because of Mohammed and his flying peacock horse.

    You’re out of your mind.

  • Oh, yeah: everybody can worship freely at their holy sites already. Israel has proven that it is the only entity capable or willing to allow this to happen.

    You insult Israel by saying that an international regime is necessary to ensure fair access to the holy places when such free access is already a reality and when it is precisely only under Jewish rule that this has ever happened.

  • So, where is the UN going to set up Checkpoint Charlie? Count me as an Obama supporter who absolutely hates this idea. If he goes through with this, he will lose all goodwill he built up with Jews, maybe even lose the Jewish vote to the Republican Party for a generation. Then again, as I’m a Democrat with respect to everything else and moreover a scientist who depends on a strong NIH, I could NEVER vote for the Republican Party. My Republican girlfriend is gonna have a good time rubbing this in my face, even as I don’t like talking politics with her.

  • Yes, Ephraim, I’m crazy.

    Is your son serving in the IDF right now? Somebody’s son is and it’s better to have peace, especially a lasting peace, than war.

    LB, early Zionism and even Israel’s Independence declaration all speak about friendly relations with neighboring countries. We are talking about a solution that brings Israel peace. True peace. That means its borders are secure and its territory is secure. If the price for that is to make the Old City into an international zone, then that’s a reasonable price to pay. Don’t forget that the Yishuv accepted the Partition Plan where all of Jerusalem is considered international. Is Ephraim really smarter than Ben Gurion? I don’t think so.

    “Ceding control” in this case is a good thing because it ensures control in all places except the Old City and that area is controlled by an international group whose mandate – as will be dictated in any agreement and signed on by the UN Security Council to make it international law – will be to ensure that all groups have equal status and the right to pray and control their respective holy places. Yes, Israel offers that right now, but its control precludes the compromise that would bring about peace.

  • On the other hand, TM, how can you trust the same organization that skipped the Sinai in 1967, allows Hezbollah to arm to the teeth, and denies Israel representation on nearly all committees? I don’t, and I suspect many, many Israelis would agree with me.

  • That’s just the problem, Middle. Your plans won’t bring peace at all. They’ll only bring more war, G-d forbid, and with Israel in a fatally weakened state, G-d forbid.

    Show me one, just one, genuine indication that the Arabs with the guns, who are the only people who dictate what Arab policy will be towards Israel, desire peace with a Jewish Israel. There isn’t one.

    That is why your ideas are crazy and dangerous. Who is going to enforce this peace? The “international community”? That is as good as signing Israel’s death warrant. You think you’re for “peace” but there is no good reason to think that is what would happen if Israel were foolish enough to adopt your pie-in-the-sky narrishkeit.

    If you believe that your hare-brained schemes will bring “peace”, I’ve got some beachfront property in Kansas I can sell you.


    C’mon, trust me. What have you got to lose?

  • themiddle – first, I don’t care about Ben Gurion’s intelligence vis-a-vis anyone else (I don’t think he was that brilliant compared to others of his time, but that’s an entirely different discussion).

    Second, as many have mentioned – do you really have faith in ANY organization that would control the Old City?

    Third, also as others have said – there is more religious freedom than ever before.

    Which leads me to fourth – what you’re saying sounds to me like capitulation to the enemy’s demands (and to those object to the word enemy – how else would describe what they are now?).

    And fifth – peace? Really? What leads you to believe any such plan will mean “true peace”?

    Finally, you say peace in which Israel’s “borders are secure and its territory is secure” – with another state I have no reason to believe would be friendly in the heart of modern Israel – how is that secure?

  • I’m with Ephraim, Middle, the only place your idea would work would be on another planet, without humans on it. No offense of course, but you can’t point to one example of what you are pitching that has worked anywhere, especially in the non-First World.

    And Joshua, you are halfway through the trip I came through my brotha, now you just have to do your own research about conservatives rather than listen to the misnomers Jon Stewart and Sarah Silverman feed you. The GOP is a joke. I won’t argue with you there. But do you really think ardent Atheists and Physicians like my mother and her colleagues would really try to squelch science? Really? You, see, there is a fight for the conservative movement and social cons are losing. I suggest you join with people like me, fiscal neocons and turn this party around!

  • Well folks, we disagree.

    And I’ll tell you, having the Palestinians as a sole enemy is fine if you can sign peace agreements with Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and all the other members of the Arab League. Any of you who don’t realize how critical this would be are kidding yourselves. Who is Egypt closer to today, Israel or the Palestinians? Israel. Because many interests are aligned. And that’s where this is headed. Saudi’s interests are aligned with Israel as long as Iran is a threat. That will buy peace because if the only supporter around is Iran, the Palestinians will be much weaker than today.

  • Well, that didn’t take long:


    Abbas thinks Obama’s plan is shit, too. Why?

    They’re insisting on the “right” of “return” and all of “east Jerusalem”, ix-nay the “international regime” thing.

    Nice of that manky terrorist fuck to let Bibi off the hook.

    An idiot in addition to everything else. Thank G-d Israel is blessed with such stupid enemies.

    Man, does that Obama have a knack or what? I think he’s pissed off pretty much everybody.

  • I found this line telling

    “He shall not, however, be a citizen of either State in Palestine.” The gov of J-town that is.

    So we can have some Eurocrat or Youencrat? Some Arableaguecrat?

    And why does Jerusalem have to go International? Belfast isn’t.

    Nah this plan has no chance with most Israelis or Arabs.

  • I love to occasionally see Rabbi Yonah acknowledging reality, even if it does conflict with his man crush on The One. just kidding of course :0

  • Rabbi Yo is right, Middle and Obama propose that the Jewish People’s holiest site be “administered” by some goy outsider, preferably from some high brow NGO that refers to Israel as “that shitty little country”. Whoever that guy is, Obama, and Abbas can all go f*** themselves with a 2×4.

  • the main problem with accepting the saudi plan, or this mutated version, is that the people who engage in terrorism are not friends with the kings of either jordan or saudi and are not bound by any such promises of peace put out by them. The logic is the sort of dumb victim disarmament logic that anti-gun folks in the US have, assuming that gun control means that criminals will suddenly say, “oh yeah, I’ll stop using a gun to commit crime.”

    It doesn’t parse.

  • Mike, you bring up what I think the biggest problem and mythology within liberalism is: The belief that your actions affect everyone else on the planet and that if you can be the most righteous, you will set an example, and everyone will follow suit, because, in your mind, that is how the world SHOULD work.

  • Is the foundation of your premise based on the supposition that governments operate responsibly and can exercise self-restraint? ,

  • No, that governments operate out of self-interest. Self interest can mean the politician’s self interest in some cases but can certainly mean the national self-interest. In these cases, the “self-restraint” is merely a way of ensuring those interests are protected.

    But after Goldstone I have to wonder whether there will ever be confidence in an agreement with the Palestinians if Israel were to leave any area again.