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SO PERHAPS NOW YOU CAN UNDERSTAND my dismay at seeing ANSWER rear its ugly head at a gay Pride parade. But given the organization’s “entryism” — a tried and- true formula by which communist sects would slowly infiltrate and take over social democratic organizations, thereby turning them into hard-left front groups — my shock was misplaced. Fervent antitotalitarian that I am, I told the marching ANSWERites, in so many words, that the presence of Stalinists at a celebration of freedom and individual liberty was inconsistent, and that they should therefore make themselves scarce. In response to my expletive-laden outburst, one member of their creepy-looking crew turned to me and said, “We’re not Stalinists!” and waddled off.

Individual members of ANSWER can insist to the contrary all they like, but as long as they march under the organization’s banner they have no case on which to recoil from the label of “Stalinist.” Indeed, they’re that and more. The criterion for earning the support of ANSWER seems to depend on the answer to a single question: Do you consider yourself an implacable enemy of the United States?

It doesn’t matter how many people you gas, political dissidents you imprison, or United Nations Security Council resolutions you violate, any tin pot tyrant or clerical fascist who registers his opposition to American “imperialism” can count on ANSWER’s backing. At a New York City ANSWER rally I covered in the summer of 2006, convened to protest Israel’s defensive war against Hezbollah rockets raining down on its northern border, numerous speakers praised the Iranian backed Islamist terror organization and called for the destruction of the Jewish state. If ANSWER had its way, those who hang Iranian gay teenagers and superglue shut the anuses of Iraqi homosexuals would dominate the Middle East.

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James Kirchick is a fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a contributing editor for The New Republic.


  • When the run-up to the Iraq War was in its early days, my Jewish friend at work asked me if I would go to a “peace rally” with him in San Diego. Having seen some of the groups that inhabit these “peace rallies”, including ANSWER, I told him, “Haha. Are you serious? Oh you are. No way dude. What? And hang out next to Jew haters calling for my death? Good luck with that.”

    Funny, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the revolution in Iran is in part due to the “neocon’s” (about half of which were Jews) idea of planting democracy in the mid-east than any of Obama’s speeches.

  • It just boggles the mind how people who purport to support gay rights everywhere promote a regime that would, at best, be wholly unsupportive of their lifestyle. At worst, well…

  • Who cares? They have rock-hard abs and cute buns… and who wouldn’t fall for that smoky Stalinist swagger?

    Ooooh, interrogate ME next.

    If you want to understand how many gays relate to politics, rent the movie “Kiss of the Spider Woman”. Better, yet – read the original novel.

  • Hamas must be deeply touched by the support. I’m sure they will now arrange a gay pride parade in Gaza.

  • well, they’re stalinists- do you expect anything logical from these people?

  • Anyone here remember Chris Kattan playing “Gay Hitler” on SNL?