Haven't the Jews suffered enough?

Haven't the Jews suffered enough?

I think all good people were horrified by the possibility of Britney Spears playing the lead role in a romantic-Holocaust era-time travel movie:

Spears will be taking on the title role of Sophia LaMont, a woman who invents a time machine and succeeds in traveling to the time of the Second World War. According to the script, LaMont ends up at a concentration camp and falls in love with a Jewish prisoner named Eton. However, the budding love story is cut short when both are killed by the Nazis.

I don’t know what was more horrifying – Britney’s post Crossroads (bombed!) return to the silver screen, in a Holocaust film no less, or one of the most ridiculous plot lines since, well, Crossroads.

But now the Jews have something else to be worried about. It seems Britney is dating her agent and member of the tribe Jason Trawick. And she likes him. She really, really likes him. A lot. So much so in fact that she is planning on converting to Judaism in order to please and hopefully marry him. She was seen sporting a Magen David in Paris recently and has even hired a Rabbi to join her tour and teach her about the ways of the Jews. Will this plan come to fruition once she finds out that Cheetos and bacon aren’t kosher? This isn’t some Madonna fueled flirtation with Kabbalah people!

A Nation awaits further news, with great, great trepidation.

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  • Well…Maybe Jason will open up her mind to bigger things other than Cheetos and those damned frappe-things she’s always seen sucking down. You never know what good can come out of this…

  • Bad reason for converting for sure – but hopefully she will find stability in the teachings of Judaism which will have a positive life long impact in the lives of both her and her children. This should be interesting! The movie – what the hell are they thinking? Obvious idiots running the show!

  • I liked how one Israeli article talked about her experimenting with a few religions including kabbalah.

  • I cant wait to see the look on peoples faces if she shows up like that to shop in Crown Heights.I would not put it pass her to ask the Rabbi where she could get a BLT :}

  • you stinky ugly stanistic liers victims wannabe , that’s to say JEWS, don’t you think that you are making already too much fun of yourself by making people believe that you SuFFERED ?? you KILLED YOU JUDAISTIC BASTARDS YOUR OWN PEOPLE , THOSE WHO DIDN’T WANT TO BE LIKE YOU WHO WERE HUMBLE, IN ORDER TO FUCKING PROTECT YOUR STINKY UNSHAVED BLACK HAIRED PUSSIES AND CIRCUMSIZED DICKS FROM those who knew who you were and wanted to live like at home in their own countries , were you did everything heping each other to have all the highest places and possessions.
    And now, leave Britney Spears alone and be happy that after all the manipulation you did to everyone and especially these artists, she is still wearing that stinky star you dicksuckers.

  • Oh yeah the poor Jews, your suffering is eternal, cry me a river.

    Jews control media, academia, and the politics of virtually the entire western world, and yet we are supposed to buy into this nonsense about how oppressed you all are: more than half the billionaires in the USA are Jewish. Boo hoo.

    And why would Britney not become Jewish, when her entire industry is run by Jews? Seems to me she is just thinking of her future, and probably just wants to keep in the good books of those people who ultimately have the power to decided if her career has a future or not.