A Self Congratulatory Post and another Jewlicious Prank!
Jewlicious began 5 years ago on July 2004. In that time we have written nearly 5,000 posts and generated nearly 70,000 comments. We’ve also run 5 Jewlicious Festivals, the last of which attracted nearly 1000 participants, much to the consternation of the Long Beach Fire Department I’m sure. I’ve been blessed to be associated with some of the coolest people I know as fellow writers, including The Middle and Muffti who were here right from the get go. Running Jewlicious is often a thankless task. Unlike others, we never got fancy shmancy funding for offices in New York equipped with a wet bar, ping pong and fooz ball tables. But I did get to meet and befriend some awesome people, like the army of volunteers that make the Jewlicious Festival happen and most notably Rachel Bookstein, her husband Rabbi Yonah, and their totally edible children.

There are other things that make working on Jewlicious so rewarding, like running into people that know me from the blog in Jerusalem and being told the role we played in their decision to attend Hebrew University or some Yeshiva or a MASA program. One message I got the other day totally made me smile as well. An ex’s niece sent me a message on facebook wondering about the provenance of all the notes I wrote. Turns out Renée had no idea what Jewlicious was but “I really enjoyed the ones I had read! Seriously, I found all of them to be well written and pretty interesting! (The one about JDate was very amusing, as was “Dear Hamas, Take Me!”)” She later added that “Oh! I forgot to mention that some of my friends where reading the stories from jewlicious.com ! They really enjoyed them!” Renée is an unaffiliated Jewish student at McGill and exactly the sort of smart, talented kind of Jew we always wanted to reach. Also appreciated are kind words from colleagues I deeply respect like Matthue Roth over at My Jewish Learning and Dan Brown at eJewish Philanthropy.

Less fun is some of the bile and invective I’ve attracted from members of the doucheoisie over the years. One former blogger is still telling anyone who will listen to stay away from Jewlicious and from me, years after I have had any interaction with him. This has been cutting into my bottom line and despite all my efforts to just stay out of his way, he doesn’t seem to know how to stop. So the gloves are off asshole. Expect repercussions.

Speaking of repercussions, and this is where the fun “prank” part of the post comes in, there’s a current blogger who has jumped at any opportunity to talk trash about me, accusing me of being a cyber bully, an utterer of anti-gay slurs and a thief. He wrote a typically shoddy Birthright related post the other day about Momo Lifshitz of Oranim and used an image that I created to illustrate it. When informed by one of his readers that I held the copyright on that image, rather than give credit where credit is due, he merely switched the photo to another one of Momo.


But that’s where the dolt fucked up. Not only did he not acknowledge the source of the image, he linked directly to the image thus not only violating Oranim’s copyright, but also stealing their bandwidth! Thus, much in the vein of previous Jewlicious pranks (see this one against Nazis and this one against an anti Israel douchebag), the staff at Oranim gave me and everyone at Jewlicious a much appreciated 5th anniversary gift:


I’m not mentioning this thief’s name nor linking directly to his site (though feel free to use this URL) so that we can at least derive some compensation by laughing at him for as long as possible. Once he figures out what an idiot he is, then I will link away. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for everything. You all rock!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Mazal Tov Jewlicious! 5 years eh? I’ve only been reading you lately, sorry to say, but you almost make me want to be Jewish! Chuck in some free Halva burekas for life and I might just convert. 🙂

  • Happy birthday, mazal tov, sto lat!
    If you enjoying it so much shall we wish you ad 120 too?

    Seriously thank you very very much

    ybocher (retired)

  • I’ve stopped reading my morning newspaper first thing in the a.m. and instead go straight to the Jewlicious posts on Twitter first thing. It’s become my new habit…

  • This is just brilliant. I award you with 18 (you know, Chai) sacks of Jew gold.

    And congrats Jewlicious, it’s been a pleasure reading ya!

  • Why do I love Jewlicious?
    Cause for 5 years it’s been beating the shmucks at their own game.

    CK you know I love you.
    Keep sticking it to the MAN
    : )

    I dedicate the following to my parasitic brethren on the happy occasion of Jewlicious’s 5th birthday.
    CK built this city on Rock’n’Roll, not Schnorr.

    Now do us all a favor, quit leaching of philathropists, get a life and stop being an embarrassment to the Zionist ideal.


    Lamb of God/Redneck
    So Goddamn easy to write this,
    You make it spill off the page.
    So drunk on yourself, self-righteous,
    A laughing stock of your own fucking stage.

    Oh but I ain’t one to call names,
    Or throw stones in a house of glass,
    You try me.

    This is a motherfuckin’ invitation,
    The only one you could ever need.
    This is a motherfuckin’ invitation,
    You try me.

    Just one time you got a reason,
    But you had nothing to lose.
    A blind preacher for the pin-eyed congregation,
    It must be easy to loathe.

    Oh but I ain’t one to call names,
    Or throw stones in a house of glass,
    You try me.

    This is a motherfuckin’ invitation,
    The only one you could ever need.
    This is a motherfuckin’ invitation,
    You try me.

    You can tell the same lie a thousand times,
    But it never gets any more true.
    So close your eyes once more and once more believe,
    That they all still believe in you.

    Just one time!

    This is a motherfuckin’ invitation,
    The only one you could ever need.
    This is a motherfuckin’ invitation.

    Just one time!

    This is a motherfuckin’ invitation,
    Ya’ try me.

    Just one time!(ya’ try me)
    Just one time!(ya’ try me)

    Ya’ try me.

    Brought to you by the Feed Mike Initiative, @pop_art and Schwartz inc.

  • PS
    IMHO the only thing missing here on Jewlicious are some water fowl. Preferably geese or ducks.
    You know what. Scratch the geese. Just ducks.
    Can we have ducks CK?

    Couldn’t we have just one post with ducks?

    Would you at least think about it?
    Look how much fun we could have – http://duckmylife.com

    Pretty please?

    ; )
    Happy birthday!
    מזל טוב

  • The pope wants you to do the jacket for the softbound version of his latest encyclical.

    Happy Cinqo de Jewlicious!

  • Great job on the Silverstein, a truly onerous kapo. He is as far as I’m concerned a direct ally of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Yemach Shmo Vezichro!

  • I can’t believe that it has been 5 years , and then I look at my kids and realize that they grew up on Jewlicious these last five years. They are huge now. I mean giant. I dont know what they put in the water here.

    So from the Giant Bookstein Kids to CK and all my blogmates- LCHAIM!

  • Bon Anniversaire!

    You are righ about the douchoisie whose most famous member is the dreaded RS. Just visited his site. What a weirdo. CK, why does he hate you?
    You know he is published often on CIF. I can’t believe he finds a market for his inanities. His latest “article” there generated over 300 posts!

  • Hey Self-Aggrandizer, the victims of Richard Silverstein’s theft are not my clients. And I’m not a “web master,” shitty or otherwise. And while it’s not much of a prank, I’ve pulled much better ones, it has spread joy and laughter far and wide at the expense of one of the most reviled individuals on the Web. It has also exposed him as both a thief and a hypocrite, something he often accuses others of. And now it is recorded for posterity on our very own servers! More importantly, it showed that theft doesn’t pay.

  • Happy birthday Jewlicious and special props to you, ck, my friend, for showing Silverstein up time and time again and getting his panties up in a bunch.

    Good times.

  • Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Jewlicious, and Mazal Tov, ck! As with Rabbi Yonah, I feel like I grew up with the website as I read it starting with freshman year in college, except I am now mentally five instead of physically five. Oh well, we lose some, we regress some. I am kol kach smecha that this site exists.

  • Years ago, when Silverstein was first starting up his ridiculous blog, he and I talked a lot on a blog user group forum (since defunct… I wish I could find his old posts, but alas, no archive anywhere on the interwebs) about the ethics and legality of using photos found online in your blog.

    He insists that it’s ok to lift pictures from anywhere and place them on his blog. He thinks his crappy blog’s decoration is of paramount importance, and that he’s free to post whatever pics he wants. I called him on this on his blog once, and he got pretty defensive. See the comments on this post: http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2006/05/17/david-horowitz-terror-offensive-against-progressive-academics/

    Incidentally, many years ago he was sued (or threatened with a lawsuit) by a magazine author for posting much of her article on his blog. If memory serves, I think he actually paid out a settlement.

    Nice job busting him. The “Richard Silverstein is a Thief” image is priceless.

  • Also, you gotta love this. From Silverstein’s “Terms of Use”:

    “Please do not link directly to any image or music files on my site. You’re more than welcome to copy images and music files and host them on your own site (giving me a link and credit at your site would be nice and under the conditions listed above). Just don’t link to what’s on my site, because you and all your visitors will essentially be stealing bandwidth, which I pay for. While I generally like people making use of my site, I don’t like paying for your visitors making use of your site. Besides, if you try to linking directly to my music files and images they will not display at your site because of a feature I’ve activated through my webhost.”

    What a hypocritical prick.

  • mazel tov & happy b-day Jewlicious. honored to be counted as part of something so awesome. and someone thought my jdate post was amusing! 🙂 sweet.

  • Five years? Is there some sort of Jewish prayer we can say? Or something physical we can cut? I’m open to anything.

    CK good to know you’re doing well. And Muffti, if you’re going to ‘Pest, stay away from beautiful women who try to lure you into bars. They’re mafia and will force you to pay by the balls. My advice!

  • Hmm, five. Eight years is still a long way to go. All the best!

  • congrats CK, this blog has been a staple in my Jewish learning. I’d also like to thank you for the addition of the flickr, now I can scope out fine Jewish girls whenever i feel the urge.

  • That supposedly Jewish site has an advert from scientology on it. That is creepy.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I just changed my ad filter so that it will stop appearing. It will take about 24 hours to take effect. Do let me know if any other offensive ads ever show up. OR… click on the ads like a mad man and make those bastards pay! Kidding. I can’t really say that because it would be a violation of our terms of service.

  • Ok CK,

    It is time for you guys to celebrate by hosting another edition of Haveil Havalim. Really, it is the right thing to do. I’ll look for your email. 😉

  • Richard Silverstein will smear your name all over the internet, with the same affiliated websites and blogs like “LoonWatch” which he runs himself. Then will contact you by an anonymous email asking for 15,000 USD to clean up the mess he started!!! This is BLACKMAIL and should be stopped.
    There’s an ongoing investigation into some of his recent smear activity that is linked to his website Tikun Olam (meaning repairing the world)… His attacks, smears, blackmail are nothing related to repairing the world.. He’s a low life that strives to get attention from internet stories.. but it looks like his days in business are numbered.

  • Richard Silverstein is a dick but I think his douchie behavior is limited to his crappy anti-Israel posts. There’s enough out there to criticize him for that we don’t have to make up shit.