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An Israeli Arab man has been indicted for allegedly working on behalf of Hezbollah in a plot to assassinate Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, a gag order lifted on Monday revealed.


According to the charge sheet, Sultani first made contact with Hezbollah agents at a multi-national Arab summer camp in Morocco organized by the Israeli Arab movement Balad.
Lebanese Hezbollah agent Salman Harev, who also took part in the camp, spent much of the summer lecturing the Israeli Arab participants on his group’s struggle.

Harev allegedly recruited Sultani, who is the son of a well-known Tira lawyer, after the latter informed him that he and the IDF chief worked out at the same Kfar Sava gym.

I know, I know, Jimmy Carter accused Israel of being an apartheid state.

But sometimes facts get in the way.

Oh, and by the way, Balad, the group that ran this lovely summer camp, is a political party that runs people for the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. It usually gets two to three representatives elected.

But wait, there’s a new and much better example of Israeli apartheid on our site!

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  • As much as I want to remain in good standing with both my friends on the Right and the Left, I can’t help but ask, why is–and I mean this theoretically, as I am by no means calling Israel an apartheid state generally — but why is Apartheid considered the most egregious form of government?

    South Africa is marching towards Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe, when Rhodesia-was once a functioning society. Granted, it wasn’t Canada, but you know what? It’s worse off. Oh, goodie two-shoes — the whites are no longer ruling the blacks. Instead, there are no whites, the place is a complete shithole with plague and no currency to speak of.

    Let’s say– for the sake of argument — that Israel is an “apartheid” state — in part. So what? Why should I get all hot and bothered about that? What will it be replaced with? Gaza II? Not a liberal democracy — that’s for damn sure.

    My point is not that a deal shouldn’t be struck, or that the current system is okay, never mind ideal. But stop pretending this is over a concern for democracy and equality. Israel is the most democratic nation in the Middle Eastern world. And if that doesn’t mean dick, then maybe we need to stop pretending that Israel’s detractors screaming about democracy actually give a rat’s ass about liberal democracy or rule by the people.

    The smart Lefties, and there ARE smart Lefties, are driven by realpolitik, not fanciful outrage over “Apartheid.”

    Where were all these anti-apartheid people when Zimbabwe ethnic cleansed its whites? Where are they now as whites are driven from South Africa and Zambia?

  • The problem is that it’s a lie.

    The second problem is that it’s a lie that fuels anti-Israel activities such as boycotts. It is an effective tool to weaken Israel, which is why it is used by Israel’s opponents. The accusation already has affected Israel in negative ways.

    Apartheid is not just a word, it is the embodiment of evil.

  • Where were all these anti-apartheid people when Zimbabwe ethnic cleansed its whites? Where are they now as whites are driven from South Africa and Zambia?

    This isn’t a serious question is it? Of course you already know the answer to this.

    It’s “Race Guilt” 101:

    Whites are, by definition, Bad. They oppressed the blacks in Africa, and now it is their turn to be oppressed. When blacks in Africa drive whites from their land, it is not ethnic cleansing, it is Righteous Vengeance. The whites had and have no right to be in Africa at all to begin with; therefore, it is perfectly OK for blacks to oppress them, in just retribution for the crimes they committed. Since the whites, by virtue of their past oppression, are Evil, it is not evil when blacks pay them back, it is Justice.

    The liberal whites who support and champion black rule in Africa, regardless of how Mugabe, for instance, has turned what was once the breadbasket of southern Africa into a wilderness where everybody is either starving or dying of the plague, are expiating what they feel to be their racial guilt as whites by siding with corrupt racist thieves like Mugabe precisely and only because he is black. The fact that the majority of people who are suffering from Mugabe’s policies are black themselves is irrelevant. It is blacks oppressing blacks. Therefore, it is None of Our Business. Who are we to interfere? On what moral grounds do whites condemn blacks who mistreat other blacks? We have no standing on the issue because of the color (or lack thereof) of our skin. And to condemn a native black ruler in a majority black country is, you know, like racist.

    Of course it’s bullshit. But I really think it is that simple. That, and the pathetic left wing need to somehow identify with any loon who calls himself “progressive”.

    Just as Lucifer preferred to rule in Hell rather than serve in heaven, people like Mugabe must rule, no matter how much his people suffer as a consequence of his corrupt and murderous kleptocracy. Yes, Apartheid was bad. There is no way to defend it. But considering what has replaced it, especially in Zimbabwe, it is not possible to claim that what has replaced it is better. One cannot feed his family on pride.

  • I can only wonder when ethnic cleansing will reach America and Europe and the whites will be cleaned out of there too.

  • Sounds fun.

    Ideologically motivated summer camp event thingy in a nice middle eastern country.

    sounds familiar.

    seminars. networking. gala events. speeches. networking. twitter(?). recruitment for terror groups.

    …maybe not so much

  • DK and Ephraim are poster boys for anti-semitic propaganda. I just showed their comments to 2 African American friends (trying to show them that see we Jews “deviously smart’ as many anti-Semites like to say (to scare people) , we too have our morons and utterly stupid tribesmen – just look at at Ephraim and DK[Dick-head?]’s comments).

    One of them responded “gee Aaron, given how damaging and hateful those 2 bastard are, are you sure they’re not Arabs or Neo-Nazi posing as Jews? Because I can see a lot of ‘brothers’ starting to hate Jews because of comments like that.”
    —No I responded, sadly, I think guys are the genuine article; we actually DO have inbred imbeciles of this nature in our community and their pathetic incoherent bestial comments are the proof of the inadequacy of their IQ.

    I lived in Africa in 1950-70s, I’ve seen 1st hand white farmers butchering native blacks, torturing them, and humiliating them – for FUN! – Precisely in the same sadistic hateful manner as the Nazi’s did to our people prior to and during the Shoah. You ignorant bastards, have no idea that in British and Afrikaner colonized Africa, White farmers were known to be sadistic butchers, unlike urban whites who, although hateful and self-righteous, where not violent thugs like the farmers. So yes Mugabe, I’m afraid, is exactly the kind of vengeful psychopath that these thieving lynching white farmers deserve, just like the bloody Germans deserved Stalin and 50 years of mind-numbing communism and the Stasi (What you sew so shall you reap). I think the Germans got off way too lightly for what those bastards did to us, I only wish a wack-job like Mugabe could have butchered and beaten them the way they did us. At least, the those thieving “farmers” got a taste of their own medicine from someone as savage, cruel and as brutal as they are; that’s Yahweh’s Justice, tough shit if Ephraim and DK don’t like (u bloody whiners!). The fact that Zimbabwe’s blacks are is such bad shape is tough! I don’t feel sorry for them, African societies need to learn the hard way the that their tribal tradition of total blind deference to the “Chief” needs to be eradicated; nobody can teach them this, they need to learn for themselves an act to for themselves to create their own form of democracy.

    Secondly, Ephraim, you accuse blacks Africans of display “Righteous vengeance!” in taking back their own land. Really? you blind moron, and what about us Jews taking back our rightful land, Israel, (AND IT IS OUR RIGHTFUL LAND!), you sound just like an inbred arab in accusing us of “righteous Vengeance” in taking Israel back. You pathetic navel-gazing hypocrite? Do you realize how stupid and damaging ur comments are in light of our rational for retaking Israel? Myopic idiot!