New Matisyahu Album is now out: LIGHT. Purchase information available here!

And now just to switch it up a little, how about Matisyahu and the crystal Method?


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  • Matisyahu is one of the best things to happen to the Jews in years – oh and I was wondering what happened to Crystal Method (not the trailer park drug)

  • I was kinda underwhelmed, actually. Maybe I just don’t like that kind of music.

    And I thought his payess looked kinda like dreads. He really needed a wash and a brush.

    I hasten to point out that the bands made up of pale, emaciated, pierced and inked-up Gollum-impersonating hipster poseurs that I see a lot really don’t do too much for me either.

    I wish Muddy Waters was still alive.

  • When I first found Matisyahu (King Without a Crown days), I was hooked like a kid on a leash at an amusement park, but since then, with the release of his next two albums, I’ve found I can’t relate. The first songs were all about Jewish pride and strength and I felt like he was singing to us. Now he’s generic, the band’s different, and all his songs are “peace, love, and happiness for everyone!!!” and I’m just not about that. It’s like he’s trying to prove he’s just Jewish enough and not a gimmick or narrowcasted artist. I understand why, but the music suffered, IMO of course.