Tel Aviv at Night

Tel Aviv at Night

The photographer is Or Hiltch.

That’s Tel Aviv, of course. A city built by Jews over sand dunes that has grown over time to become a vibrant center of Israeli culture. It is just one form of the embodiment of the Zionist dream to create a home for the Jewish people in their historic homeland. It is a city that is 100 years old this year – a cause for real celebration. Try to catch a film about it if you can…

Shabbat shalom!!

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  • Sand dunes? The Levant is pretty fertile and Tel Aviv grew because of sister city Jaffa.

  • No, actually, it’s built on sand dunes that radiate out away from the ocean.

    It certainly didn’t grow because of Jaffa. It sought on many occasions to separate itself from Jaffa. It separated itself as a municipality as early as 1921 and built itself up very rapidly and much faster than Jaffa was growing. By 1948, you had more than 3 times the population of Jaffa living in Tel Aviv. Also, if you know Tel Aviv, you know that Jaffa is at the southern end of it and ends there. The city expanded north and east over the course of its history.

  • It never ceases to amaze me – but a recent study showed that people with firm convictions, like Marisa, emit dopamine and other compounds to counteract the emotional stress from seeing information that disagrees with them.

    In one study, Republicans who blamed Saddam Hussein for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were presented with strong counterevidence, including a statement from President George W. Bush absolving Hussein. But most of the people in the study went on blaming Hussein anyway, as the researchers report in the current issue of Sociological Inquiry.

    Some of the people ignored or rejected the counterevidence; some “counterargued” that Hussein was evil enough to do it; some flatly said they were entitled to counterfactual opinions. And some came up with an especially creative form of motivated reasoning that the psychologists labeled “inferred justification”: because the United States went to war against Hussein, the reasoning went, it must therefore have been provoked by his attack on Sept. 11.

    • That goes in line with, to paraphrase Tucholsky, people can be pretty simple-minded; once they have understood something, they will cling to it and reason themselves into it even if it was the greatest nonsense.

      It’s comparable to children that make up their own superstitions (e.g. only step on every other tile) and still have their behaviour impacted by it as adults.

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