Anne Bayefsky, writing in the NY Daily News, reports on the UN’s new website at

The UN site is accessed by educational institutions, advocates, parliamentarians, non-governmental organizations and individuals around the world in six languages. Sooner or later, almost every schoolchild in America is bound to log on to The American taxpayer pays 22% of the cost of building and maintaining the UN website (along with all other regular budget costs). And in only five steps your child too can listen to Iranian President Ahmadinejad deny the Holocaust and talk about those Zionists’ “ugly faces.” (These were his words at the UN Durban II “anti-racism” conference in April, which the UN has chosen to archive and place permanently on its website.)

Here are the directions to the world of UN-driven hatred for the Jewish people:

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click “welcome” and you are greeted with “United Nations – It’s your world!” [Well, with a few exceptions]

STEP 3: Here we are at the UN English-language home page, headlined “United Nations: We the peoples.A stronger UN for a better world.” [Depending on who you are and where you live, mind you] Now click on “Stories from the UN News Center.”

STEP 4: Click on “What, when at the UN.”

STEP 5: And here ( we are at the gateway to everything happening at the UN. Under “At a Glance: Recent Action,” you can “browse meeting summaries & press releases” by just choosing “select body and date.” What body and date, you ask? A handy drop-down menu makes it very easy to understand the programs and priorities for anyone who isn’t quite sure what the UN does. There are ten choices: “All venues, General Assembly President, 1st Committee (Disarmament), 2nd Committee (Economic & Social), 3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian), 4th Committee (Special Political), 5th Committee (Administrative & Budgetary), 6th Committee (Legal), Palestinian Rights, and Committee on Information.”

That’s right folks, there is so much material about the Palestinians, which really means, negative material about Israel, that it merits its own section! No other country merits such attention. None. Not China with its 1.4 billion people, or Russia with its massacres in Chechnya, not France with its colonialism or Cambodia with its genocide. Nope, Israel is the center of the UN’s activity.

Amazing and really quite disturbing even if it’s not all that surprising.

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  • Dear Leadel,

    You people do interesting work. I’ve enjoyed surfing your site a bit and watching some of your videos.

  • BTW “Durban” is a colonial name. The Zulus call THEIR city eThekwini. Interestingly it’s the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal and has been inhabited for nearly 100,000 years.
    It has 3,500,000 inhabitants.
    Most of them live in appalling conditions and abject poverty due to the social ravages that a few centuries of subjugation by the White Man caused. Of course all this is far less important than the plight of the Palestinians. After all, it’s much harder to blame the plight of Africa and the rest of the 3rd world on the Jews…
    ; )


  • The ‘Palestinians’ (Arabs) have been clamoring for the UN to condemn Israel; they don’t show Israel on thier maps or in thier schoolcholdren’s workbooks.

    Don’t you liberal Jews on this site think the ‘Palestinians’ have a right to voice their opinion? Do you want to oppress them more so that they can’t have their voices accepted by the international community?!!

    Understand, that they are for destroying Israel and Jews. That is why the only way for Israel to achieve peace is to expel the Arab enemy as Rabbi Meir Kahane explained

    But no…. you are unwilling to accept what is clear and you want to be a ‘Tzaddik-Tipish (A foolish righteous)’ and ‘accept’ the anti-Jewish enemy.

    We Jews are all suffering because of your misplaced compassion for the wicked.

    The blood of Jews who are killed and the guilt of whatever occurs to Israel and to Jews worldwide by these enemies – those enemies whom you defended by being against their expulsion…

    -the blood is on the head of all those who condemned Meir Kahane and who fought against the idea of expelling the enemy.

  • I know stories like this are accurate, I’ve noticed this stuff myself, but what hurts me about it so much, is that otherwise, I’m a strong supporter of the UN.
    The UN was established with the intent to do good and it has. The work of UNICEF is invaluable, the work of groups like the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization and many other agencies you may never have heard of do important work that impacts on our lives, if we know it or not. In many places, the Security Council has done great things and so have peacekeepers–for peace, for development and for refugees.
    Today though, the UN has fallen ill. Failures as collosal as Rwanda and as Darfur (though some good work was done in Darfur) as well as spectacles like Durban have rightfully brought the UN into a certain degree of disrepute. It breaks my heart, because I believe that the UN is an important organization, with massive potential and good intentions at its core. It’s like watching a once charismatic leader grow old, weaken and then be abused by those he once aimed to protect.