Nope. This isn’t about a free Birthright Israel trip (although registration for winter begins Sept. 8th and you can go with us – more info here), or any kind of flashy contest with cool prizes. The Ticket to Jerusalem Project is a simple concept, really. All you have to do is create any kind of artwork called “Ticket To Jerusalem”. Do it on a thick horizontal piece of paper, 8×3″ (20×8 cm), the size of conventional airplane ticket or boarding pass. Attach a stamp, add a return address and mail it WITHOUT an envelope to: Radik Shvarts, PO Box 245614, Brooklyn, NY, 11224, USA. The project deadline is January 1st, 2010 and all entries will posted online. Most of them will also be exhibited internationally and featured in a book titled “Ticket To Jerusalem” that will be published in 2010. Every person, whose artwork is featured in the book will get a free copy.

That’s it! So far the site features a pretty eclectic collection of 41 pieces of ticket art and, and… I don’t know what to say. It’s kind of sweet because there seems to be no underlying political message. No one’s trying to sell you anything, it’s just this very whimsical thing that is a pure celebration of creativity. OK so it is sponsored by the UJA Federation of New York, and COJECO (a central coordinating body in the Russian Jewish community of NY that works towards successul integration of Russian Jews into American Jewish life) but so what? Good on them for being involved in something that’s this much… fun!

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  • I think John Greyson, Naomi Klein, Danny Glover, Wallace Shawn and Desmond Tutu should boycott this contest.

  • I just discovered Desmond Tutu’s middle name is Mpilo – Thank you little overlay pop-up window thingy.

    …Ooh, I’d also like to add Roseanne Bar to the list of potentially boycotting celebrities.

    I think there’s a growing need for a Boycottbook type site – were boycotting inclined individuals can hang out, meet, and bitch about each others pet peeves.

    Now all I need is a smart Jewish kid to make it happen, and then everyone can REALLY bitch about how we Jews control the Internet…