The NY Times reports about a wartime service by Max Fuchs who led a service just before an attack. Fuchs was studying to be a cantor but the war interrupted.

A private first class in the First Infantry Division, Mr. Fuchs volunteered to sing that day because there was no cantor available. In fact, Mr. Fuchs had been studying to become a cantor, when the war broke out. But he had left his studies and was drafted, and never considered the chaplaincy.

His parents emigrated from Poland in 1934, when he was 12. Some of his aunts, uncles and cousins who remained were killed after the German invasion in 1939, he said in the interview. He wanted to fight the Nazis.

For 20 years afterward, Mr. Fuchs said, he suffered recurring nightmares about the war. He tried not to think about it too much.

And just to show you how on top of things we are on Jewlicious, this Youtube video has been out there for only 4 years, and it only took a NY Times article to point out the existence of this video to yours truly. We’re obviously getting old.

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  • I’ve seen this video awhile ago,but forgot all about it.Thanks for posting it.As for getting old i’m starting to get grey in my beard.It seems just like yesterday i was 23 and had not a care in the world.