Thanks Heeb. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous Jewlicious writer Wendy In Furs sent me a post from her blackberry that was so incoherent that I simply could not publish it. At least not in its entirety. Wendy attended the New York city debut of Terry Poison last Thursday night. Terry Poison is an Israeli band we’ve pimped SO hard that I may as well slap them around, inject heroin in their veins, take all their money and then pass them off for our friends to use as they wish, if you know what I mean. Terry Poison was performing at a CMJ Showcase event, sponsored in part by Heeb Magazine. I told Wendy to go and report back. She responded with her usual snark “Heeb sponsoring an Israeli band?! I see the Zionists are already reaping the rewards of David Kelsey‘s trip to Israel. I hope they won’t be singing about draining swamps and shit.” Here’s a video of a recent performance by the band:

The parts of Wendy’s post I can publish are as follows:

Lead singer Louise Kahn is so fucking hot it’s no wonder she made aliyah from Norway because the whole country would have melted otherwise. She’s like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Courtney Love rolled up into one except she is sexier than Marilyn, kicks Madonna’s bony ass and is more bruised than Love. And she rocks harder than all of them times a bazillion … Musically, Sivan ‘Petite’ Meller, who shares vocals with Kahn, is the perfect foil to her onstage histrionics. Sexually, she makes me seriously reconsider my otherwise well established heterosexuality … in fact they’re all so fucking hot it was all I could do to not jump onstage and … this is not the swamp draining Israel. Terry Poison represents that part of Israel that produces world class stuff. And the only people who give a shit that they’re Jewish are the Europeans. Fuck them and the Armada they rode in…

It only gets worst. Clearly, Wendy needs to lay off the … whatever it was she was on. I blame Terry Poison. And Heeb.

Terry Poison is apparently playing another show in New York on Sunday. The Terry Poison Web site has them playing the Highline Ballroom but the Highline Ballroom Web site makes no mention of the show. Someone in NYC call them up and let us know. Wendy’s still too wasted to be of any use at all. Also, feel free to read Orit Arfa’s interview with Louise Kahn after their performance at LA fashion Week. When she’s not shamelessly plugging the Gap, Orit does some pretty good work! Even the video wasn’t that bad.

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  • Amy Winehouse goes from flapjacks to melons, and this is what we get?

  • Froylein: If they are in fact playing in New York on Sunday, I strongly urge you to go see them. WIF may have been completely out of her mind but she did get it right – Terry Poison puts on an awesome show! OK so they’re a little provocative, but since when is that a bad thing in rock and roll? Or electrock and roll or whatever genre their music is classified under.

  • i saw them live after reading this blog and watching their videos. Sorry, but I enjoyed their covers way more than their original songs. The whole thing feels a little forced, not real.