One of the two key centers for Palestinian demonstrations against Israel, which have supposedly been non-violent, as long as stone throwing counts as non-violence, is Na’alin. Today some young Palestinians were able to knock over part of the Security Barrier.

With shouts of Allah Hu Akbar, they bring it down…

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  • tm, i’m not sure i get it. are you saying toppling the wall is a violent act?

    • I’m not saying anything. I found it interesting that as they brought the wall down, the shouts were “Allah hu akbar. ” Protesting against the wall is fine as long as nobody gets hurt on either side, and the Israelis should expect vandalism.

  • What was the point of putting this up? This is nothing like the usual stuff you guys post.

  • Just making it easier for the lawbreakers to break the laws and harder for those who follow the rules…