When Christians promote tznius…

The end results may still be completely ridiculous. Witness the following video that promotes the “Christian Side Hug” an attempt to offer physical warmth and compassion while also avoiding an inadvertent crotch graze:

Now you may not know this, but according to these guys, “Jesus never hugged nobody like that!” and so an alternative to the traditional hug was necessary. Hence the wigger gangsta posturing, sounds of gunfire and sirens, complete with dropped bullet casings and one of the most ridiculous videos I have ever seen – the only video in fact that ever inspired me to exclaim “What the fucking fuck was that???” It made me think of George Orwell’s 1984 and the Junior Anti-Sex League where kids would snitch on their parents. And what am I supposed to make of that opening refrain “I’m a rough rider, filled up with Christ’s love.” I mean depending on the definition you choose, a “rough rider” could mean “a condom covered with spikes enhancing sexual experience for the female, sometimes pain” or “A person who excels in sex” or someone who enjoys rough anal sex. I mean damn, if you’re going to co-opt urban culture to such an extreme, please at least use the appropriate terminology. And I do love the wholesome dancing girls playing the role of hoodie wearin’ hos. Awesome. I guess the worst part of all this, is when you fuck up on such a colossal scale, you make all religious people look completely retarded. I don’t know about the Christian Side Hug, but I do know a couple of Christian wiggers to whom I’d love to administer a Jewish Side Kick to the ass.

I wonder if they’ll turn the other cheek?

Well they did say they were Rough Riders!

Hat tip to Erez at Shemspeed

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