Charred coins my ass

fake_coinWhile digging wantonly under Al Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s 3rd holiest religious site, the Zionists usurpers conveniently claim to have discovered a trove of approximately 70 allegedly Jewish coins dating from the time of the 2nd Temple – you know, the one that never really even existed?

NPR reports:

About 70 coins were found in an excavation at the foot of a key Jerusalem holy site. They give a rare glimpse into the period of the Jewish revolt that eventually led to the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple in A.D. 70, said Hava Katz, curator of the exhibition… The Jews rebelled against the Roman Empire and took over Jerusalem in A.D. 66. After laying siege to Jerusalem, the Romans breached the city walls and wiped out the rebellion, demolishing the Jewish Temple, the holiest site in Judaism… The coins sit inside a glass case, some melted down to unrecognizable chunks of pockmarked and carbonized bronze from the flames that destroyed the Temple.

Hava Katz is SUCH a liar! So she scorched up a bunch of coins. So what? Everyone knows that there was no temple in Jerusalem 2000 years ago because all the Jews where in Khazaria. And they weren’t even Jews yet. This is just another provocation by the Zionist Apartheid regime meant to justify their destructive digging under Haram Al Sharif which threatens the foundations of the mosques, and justifies the further dispossession of eternal Palestinian rights extant from time immemorial. Should you find yourself in the Zionist entity, and wish to witness this hoax for yourself, you may do so at the Davidson Center, adjacent to the entrance to the so called “Wailing Wall.” I’ll show you a wailing wall you rotten Zionists.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • You opinion needs to be based on facts. You need to get your history right before you say such assanine things. Geeeezzzz. Get an education! Your comment makes you look so very uneducated!!

  • That’s not melted Hebrew – it’s Arabic!
    It’s supposed to look all squiggly-drooly…

  • Muffti could use some enlightenment on this – why would a clear presence that peopel you are related to thousands of years before give you any right to the land now? Haven’t we shown over and over again that much more recent habitation means shit when it comes to honouring territorial rights (native americans, native australians, native canadians, the mayans in mexico…)

    So why is it an issue whether or not there was a clear jewish presence?

    • To answer Muffti’s question, I think it’s rather a somewhat nostalgic sentiment of “told you so” than a convincing claim to anthing. Alternatively, people could be preparing a huge bowl-full of salad.

    • I think I partially answer your question in the Shlomo Sand post and discussion, Muffti. And I don’t think that the answer is that it confers the sole right, but it confers a right. Don’t forget that it’s not just ancestors who lived there but there was a continuous Jewish presence there, even if not the majority population once the Romans were done and the early Arabs arrived.

      What truly confers the right of Israel to exist where it does is not just the historic link but the fact that it was forced to fight for its existence as a state and won that fight. However, the Palestinian denial of any Jewish connection to the land of Israel is there because it negates these historic links that prove the Palestinians are not the only natives there.

  • “Islam’s 3rd holiest religious site,”

    — can anyone name the 4th? no googling.

  • FINALLY… CK has seen the light. Finally Jewlicious is publishing the truth and it shall set us free. keep up the good work

  • xisnotx: I know this! I know this! OK there’s this tahini that they make in Nablus/Schem and its called Karouan or something. And I wrote a post about it and visited the factory and that’s also the name of Islam’s 4th holiest city in Ethiopia of all random places. I think there’s also an old Mosque involved.That’s all I know without resorting to Google. Do I win anything?

  • Muffti could use some enlightenment on this
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    One of the claims made against Israel is that it is a colonial imposition by Europeans – implying that Jewish presence in Israel is as arbitrary as Dutchmen were in the Dutch East Indies.

    That is why the Arabs are so hot to obscure and deny any historical Jewish connection to this specific strip of land.