I noticed that one of our advertisers is Modern Tribe, which sells the Texas Dreidel game. I own a set and can heartily recommend it. It’s a fun, original concept and it’s fun to play together as a family. It’s also reasonably priced.

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Look for the Modern Tribe ad on the right side of this page which appears to be rotating between an inexpensive “Peace sign menorah” and an inexpensive Texas Dreidel Game, and click on it. Then buy your family a set and enjoy.

No, I wasn’t paid or asked to post this and I have no idea whether ck was paid, or how much he was paid, for the ad on our page. I saw the game at some Jewish event where the founder of Modern Tribe was selling them and bought one because she seemed like a nice person. It’s a great little invention and I’m pleased to see it advertised here and to recommend it and her company.

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  • Let me get this straight. You figure if you endorse something, we’ll actually buy it?

    Who do you think you are, Tiger Woods?

  • I’d answer but I’m busy at the moment, leaving a cryptic voice mail and sending off, uh, a few text messages. Honey! Honey! Please, put that golf club down!

  • I know this is OT, but speaking of Tiger Woods, did you read the column by some black guy who complained that Tiger wasn’t cheating on his wife with black chicks and that he seemed to have a penchant for exclusively banging white chicks?

    Just about the funniest thing I’ve ever read, except for the fact that the guy seemed to be serious about what he was saying and his editor actually let something like that into the paper.

    I’m trying to think what would have happened if:

    1) A white guy had written that column, or
    2) A white guy had written a column complaining about somebody like, say, Tom Brady cheating on Giselle exclusively with black chicks.

    Can you imagine how fast he would be working as a night janitor at Walmart?

  • I feel for Tiger’s wife. I feel for the director of the PGA tour. I feel for Tiger’s agent and caddie. I feel for Nike’s marketing department and their golf division.

    He’s really good for the media and publishing industries, though.

    Jack Nicklaus must be breathing a deep sigh of relief. There’s now a chance his record will stand.

  • Wow! Thanks for the endorsement “the middle”! It means tons to me, as yes, unpaid editorial is the best way to spread the word. Shalom!

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