Aw yeah. I hope you enjoy this ballad by the Carsitters called I Don’t Mind from their newest Album No Time, available from Noah Margalit, an ROI alum is a tireless performer, promoter and all ’round kick ass chick. I can say “chick” because this is rock n’ roll bitches! In any case, The Carsitters are clearly a band that’s going places. Literally.

They will be leaving the spiritual purity of Tel Aviv on Tuesday when they embark on a mini European tour where they will be playing gigs in Frankfurt, Antwerp, The Hague and Amsterdam. Is this a precursor to a much awaited American tour? Or is it just an opportunity for European fans to join the band for space cake coffee in Amsterdam, Waffles in Antwerp and uh… doughnuts in Deutchland? Or maybe it’s both! In any case, you can get gig details off their web site but basically the fun begins in Frankfurt on Dec. 16th, then the 17th in Antwerp, the 18th in the Hague, the 19th back in Antwerp and finally the 23rd in Amsterdam.

Whew. If you’re in or near any of those cities, go support this band who kicks ass live and does all they can to support innovative projects in Israel. Noa and her gang never say no when summoned to entertain and you too should show them the same level of devotion. Because they love you and you will love them even as they kick your ass with sonic bombosity!

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