International Man of Mystery

International Man of Mystery

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    • OK I was a little drunk. I can’t believe with everything going on in the world, THIS is what we’re posting?

      • I can’t believe you have an event of this size, created by a Jewlicious writer and Jewlicious Festivals founder and you don’t report anything on a blog called Jewlicious. I actually had to email Yonah to find out there were 350-400 people there.

  • Can’t believe Favre threw that pass. Pull it down and run and put your team in easy FG range, dunderhead.

    No, wait, I have a better idea: let me scramble for my life and then throw back across my body to the middle of the field where all the linebackers and safeties are waiting. That’s the ticket.

    Oh well.

    Live by the last-minute heroics, die by the last minute heroics.

    It’s OK, though. The Vikings would only have gone on to lose a 5th straight Superbowl.

    Go Saints. Die, Peyton Manning.

  • That last pick was dreadful. Few things are as predictable as Favre choking when it matters most. T’m with Ephraim– go Saints. Peyton’s made enough money.

  • I give Favre some credit. He was slammed so hard all day that I don’t see how anybody expects him to have been thinking straight. Then again, that was really a stupid, self-defeating classic Favre moment. The guy is like a 40 year old child.

    I have to say that Brees is way more sympathetic than Manning. Saints for me as well.

  • I can’t remember when it was, but a number of years ago the Colts lost a playoff game everyone expected them to win, and at the press conference Manning was practically in tears and basically blamed his OL for not protecting him. Only a pussy does that. I’ve hated him ever since. I don’t care how good he is.

    For as long as I’ve been conscious of football, I’ve hated the Dallas Cowboys. I’m a 49ers fan, and the Cowboys kept the Niners out of the SB for two years straight in the mid-90s, IIRC. That made me hate them even more, if such a thing were possible.

    But for all of that, I always respected Aikman. Whenever the Cowboys lost he accepted responsibility and never tried to pass the buck. A real stand up guy.

    But I still root for two teams every Sunday: the Niners and whoever is playing the Cowboys (even if it’s the Raiders).

    • Favre should retire. From now on, every game he plays the defense will come after him with those vicious hits because he was visibly hurt and rattled. That might be one of the reasons he threw the ball on that last drive (even subconsciously), he didn’t want to get drilled again.

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