You know, these have been challenging months for Israel, with many embarrassments and situations that really defy explanation. Coming across Bradley Burston’s op-ed today was a sad moment for me, because much of what he says is true, even if extraordinarily difficult to read.

The fact is that Israel is governed by people who should not be governing it, and this has been the case for many years. Israel’s political system does not breed the types of leaders or workers who can guide Israel through the complex challenges it faces, and the government is full of individuals whose capabilities are either hidden by their bureaucratic constraints or are simply not as capable as they need to be. Their leaders, the elected class, may be experts at elbowing their way to the front of the pack while absorbing the elbows of others, but that doesn’t mean intelligent governing or handling of complex situations.

There’s more I’d like to say, but I’ll stop and let Burston do it. They won’t, but his words should serve as a wake-up call.

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  • That article was utter crap. Typical leftist drivel, constantly worried about other idiots opinions. I’m embarrassed it was written by a Russian Jew. Typical Haaretz crap. The Dubai assassinations were a success (with the embarrassment portion a part of the operation). Lieberman’s ability to work with Arab’s on an Arab level is exactly what’s needed right now. Of course the world would complain about this operation just as they copmplained about the Iraq Nuclear Reactor bombing publicly while secretly being relieve one less terrorist is breathing. Any guy who writes an article called “I envy the people who hate Israel” is a tool, just like any leftist who believes it. Screw him. I’m proud of Israel for doing what it has to. A counter balance to this lame article is here:

    Damn I can’t stand pansy leftists and all their perceptions and feelings. So gay. No, actually, most gays have more bravery and pride than that.

  • The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

    Will you calm down please? Israel is in great shape compared to previous decades. The bipartisan vitriol in Israel, unlike here, has calmed down considerably. There is now a national consensus on the abject failure of Oslo and the nation now understands and has internalized the problems caused by it.

    What is upsetting you exactly? That Jewish leaders are standing upright instead of groveling?

    Netanyahu has done a fantastic job navigating all the land mines planted by the Obama administration. He has done a much better job than I thought he would. He is not getting enough credit.

  • I agree with Tori. Any time a Jew gets tough, there’s another Jew right beside him wanting to keep him in his place on the plantation.

  • Seriously, why would you post this, TM? Is this really what you believe now? You need to eliminate that djaluth mentality. I’m very disappointed in you.

  • I’m actually inclined to agree with Alex… though I’m not so sure I’d go so far as to agree with Tori. The problem though is at what point do diplomacy and national image matter? Israel is a tiny country – it shouldn’t have to prove its virtues to the world any moreso than Lebanon or Albania or Monaco should have to. But for some reasons, perhaps having to do with culture or history, it seems that it does. Maybe we should care about that less. Perhaps Israel should forgo the self-imposed “burdens” that come with playing a tiny, yet integral role in the development of Western civilization.

    But it should care about its relations w/the U.S. Fuck Britain and the others. And the rights of its own citizens, immigrant or not, should matter. As should the will and interests of the U.S. If it turns out that Israel succeeds and is right for turning American initiatives upside down, so be it. But until America’s beneficence is bled dry and its economic might totally drained, what America says and wants should matter and Israel should attempt to respect that.

    If not, and if America can do nothing about that, then it just shows how much the U.S. has marginalized itself. Not through its alliance with and allegiance to Israel, necessarily. But for behaving like a dumber empire throughout the 20th and 21st centuries than any empire that came before it.

    All this says more about America than about Israel. But like America, Israel will have to think long and hard about what is working in its own long-term interests and what is not.

    That’s not an easy question to answer. And unfortunately, not a politically expedient one either: Even though politics allows the rabble to rouse everyone into believing that such is the only lens that matters.

  • And why is anyone paying attention to this anyway. Jersey Shore is much more entertaining. And more relevant to world events.

  • “My father did not flee the Soviet Union just so his son could one day have the chance to live in a place just like it.” Huh? Are there gulags in Israel? Is Bibi starving his own people? Do people get thrown in jail in Israel for speaking out against the government? Burston’s dumb rhetorical flourishes ruin any underlying point he might have.