Such a bargain for you!

josThis is one of the questions we get asked the most and I am uh… pleased to say that the answer in all cases is “unequivocally yes.” Every attendee at Jewlicious costs us between $150 and $200. That covers the discounted rate we pay for the JCC that hosts the event, expenses associated with speakers, expenses associated with bands, transportation, food expenses etc. etc. We charge as little as $36 per person for the entire weekend because we don’t want money to be an issue with regards to participation. Even then, if someone flat out can’t afford it, we’ll always find a way to get them to the Festival. But we’re not Birthright Israel. Heck we’re not even Oranim. In this era of free trips to Israel, we even get people calling from out of town asking if we subsidize air fare! I mean we’d love to be in a position to do so but, well, we’re not. I could throw myself at Michael Steinhardt’s feet and assure him most sincerely that there are in fact ample hookups at the Jewlicious Festival but that would be, I don’t know, undignified? And as everyone who knows me knows, I am if nothing else, the very model of a modern uh… dignified man.

So yeah, bottom line, those of you trying to figure out our budget? $150-$200 a head. That’s pretty cheap and definitely does not include all the blood, sweat and tears expended by our awesome volunteers, committee members and community leaders, all dedicated to making sure that our participants have an awesome Jewy weekend. Now go and buy your tickets today!

I promise you are not paying retail!

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