OK, that title was total nonsense


But seriously, when I want to know the latest in teen religious Jewish boy band news, the first place I go to is Heeb magazine. And they never disappoint! After the bump check out these uh… cuties, called the Moshiach Times Band. JDub dubs them the “Jewnas” brothers and raves about their “skinny jean/Tzitzit combo” while Tablet Magazine says that they are “the religious Jews’ answer to the Jonas Brothers.” Me? I don’t even know who the Jonas Brothers are and I’m definitely not going to make any cracks about scoring sem girl booty in the temple bathroom (I leave that to Heeb). All I can say is that I am heartbroken that the David Kelsey approved musical line up at the Jewlicious Festival is all booked up and that we won’t be able to invite the Moshiach Times Band to play before they hit puberty and their sweet, angelic voices begin to crack. Oh well.

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  • i blame blue fringe for unleashing this upon the world.
    they opened that pandora’s box and now look what happened…

  • There should be laws against exploiting children like this…I’m sorry kids, you might be cute, but this is not cool.

  • What a song! They have a nice and sweet voices!
    Disney have teenagers working for them and teaching the teens “goysh” things.
    But Moshiach Times Band sing about Torah and Mitzvos!!!
    I like Matysiahu, Blue Fringe….but this kids the “Jewnas Brothers” will be Big.
    Did you listen to their songs on MySpace?
    You should do it!!!

  • Wow!
    We have Mattisyahu and now Moshiach Times Band!
    Thanks G-d ‘coz I can’t listen to Avraham Fried, Yossi Piamenta, Miami Boys…
    We must have good Jewish Music for the new generation…they don’t want the Hava Naguilah anymore!

  • I just bought the Ticket for the Release of their CD. They’re gonna record the Video for Their DVD.
    I can’t miss it!!!

  • I loved the guitar solo!
    How about their “skinny jean/Tzitzit combo”?
    Jewnas Brothers? No. I don’t think so!
    Their are Our Brothers!
    Let’s help to make them bigger and bigger!
    Spread the word! Let’s show to the world we can Rock too!!!

  • Their are perfect…I love Tzadik the Lead singer…isn’t he cute?

    • Uhm, Anna? Adam? Yossi? Lilly? Nahum? Yaakov? And even you Esther? You all seem to be from Miami Beach. Also, you all seem to be coming from the same IP address. How dumb do you think we are? Can you at least show us some respect and get whatever friends you have left to post comments on your behalf? Don’t try to trick us into believing that there was a sudden groundswell of love for your band. At the very least run your dumb PR ideas past even the youngest member of the Moshiach Times Band. I’m sure he’ll tell you that sock puppets are very easy to discover based on similiar syntax, spelling and posting as different people from the exact same IP address. Sheesh. You suck.

  • I usually cant find jewish music which i think is realy great but u guys definitely hit it on the button please keep it up!!
    Dont pay any attention to the non sportive posts.
    could u set up a rockin concert in NY?
    best of luck