World Boxing Association super welterweight champion!

Yay! Jewish Boxing Champ Foreman to attend Jewlicious

Yay! Jewish Boxing Champ Foreman to attend Jewlicious

A native of Belarus, winner of 3 national Israeli boxing championships and the current WBA super welterweight champion of the world, Yuri Foreman may not have his own grill like George but so what? He’s the 1st Israeli World Boxing Champion and the only Boxing champion ever to be studying to be a Rabbi. What’s next for Yuri? He tried to get a fight with Manny Pacquiao, the WBO World welterweight champion, but Pacquiao opted instead to fight someone he was more likely to beat. Oh well. I guess we don’t know what’s next for Foreman professionally, but we DO know what’s next for him in terms of FUN!

Yes, because we like to be surrounded by tough guys who are also spiritual, we reached out and invited Foreman to the Jewlicious Festival, and he in turn accepted. What should Jewlicious Festival goers expect? Well, a general increase in both testosterone and spirituality and a talk from Yuri about Jewish identity. Or aa seminar on how to kick ass. We’re not sure yet. We don’t really care, we’re just thrilled to have him and we all look forward to meeting him.

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