I was lazy so I just grabbed this from the discussion in ck’s mea culpa post about why he would accept a Norman Finkelstein ad for Jewlicious.

Here, Norman uses the “Holocaust Card” – that is, the victimhood of his parents in the Holocaust – to browbeat a student who asks him whether he attended the Iran “Holocaust” conference a couple of years ago. What’s very special is that Norman then accuses Israel of being like, um, the Germans (you know, the folks who were the NAZIS…clever, clever!). He also wishes upon Israel a “devastating defeat” so it can become a “good nation” like the Germans after their defeat in WWII.

Oh, and he lets us know that Iran is NOT developing nuclear weapons. And Israel, the “lunatic state” where ck chose to live, is pushing for war against this innocent regime. Damn war-monger state.

Hey, let’s promote the guy.

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  • Mea culpa? Hardly! I stand by my decision! plus any moron knows that just because someone advertises here does not mean that we endorse them! In any case, Save Passover has already raised $510.75 including Finkelstein’s $93.75 BDS busting donation! Thanks Norman! Tomorrow I am gonna buy some settler wine for my poor Likudniks.

  • I don’t understand what he means in the ad by “This time WE went too far.” Who is the “we” in this phrase? surely not the jewish people, or the israelis. finkelstein doesn’t seem to be too keen to be grouped in such unsavory categories…